A Bit of a Bookmark Byway

I’ve spent the last week feeling ill. Not Covid but seems like some sort of cold virus. Hence no repeat of my Friday Fotos. However feeling so under weather and needing to take things easy has meant that I have got ahead on some things that would otherwise have been neglected.

I have two waist slips that have needed new elastic but I always had something more exciting to do. Well they got fixed.

I decided, Covid or not, that working on a baby blanket while being ill was not a good idea. Didn’t want to contaminate it.

So as well as the petticoats I decided to get around to making another copy of one of my Celtic Cross bookmarks, because I had given the original away.

This having been very easy to achieve, my mind turned to my new bookmark pattern.

Do you remember that way back in March 2021 I mentioned that I had had a new idea for a bookmark?

Well I had worked up a pattern and got so far


but somehow have never got around to completing it.

Now, having made the cross

Celtic cross bookmark in bible

and having the crochet cotton lying around I decided to have a go at making it for real.

The idea was that since my original Celtic Bookmark 2 Celtic bookmarksneeded almost 400 chain at the beginning, it might be a good idea to make one that didn’t seem so daunting. I decided that the Josephine Knot (named for Napoleon’s Josephine but much older) would be one possible choice. II have seen it used for rings and bracelets and comes in multiple parts.

Sometimes it is shown with just two identical pieces joined together

Josephine knot in crochet

and other times it has one or more interlocking pieces added. For a ring it is all interlocking pieces.

I found that two ends and a central interlocking piece would be about right for a bookmark.

So I made an end. one end

Then I made another and the interlocking piece.

3 pieces

and joined them together.

bookmark complete

I didn’t actually sew the last piece together as I wanted to try other ideas.

But first I tried it in a book.

bookmark in book

Then I used my computer and tried out a couple of ideas. two ideas
I preferred the second one so I took the first one apart and made anew interlocking piece.

and came up with.
three colour bookmark

I think that am pleased with this and almost ready to publish the pattern. What do you think?

If it was made with very many interlocking pieces it might make a pretty belt.

I have actually made three finished bookmarks over the last three days and my poor old eyes are suffering a bit from focussing at a short distance for so much time and my wrists too from so much fine movement.


I rather liked my complementary colours though.

two bookmarks

I haven’t ironed or stiffened them yet. Maybe later today.

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