Spring has Sprung

At least it seems to be doing so in my garden.

It’s also springing on Southampton Common but I feel more comfortable just taking mental photographs when I go for my daily exercise.

My apple tree is now in full glorious blossoming. apple tree

Apple blossom is so lovely when it is there in abundance. apple blossomOne of my Clematis has produced its first flower. clematis flower

And the other two are producing buds. three clematis budsand clematis bud

The forget-me-nots that come unbidden to my garden are at their best. forget-me-notsThat’s an alium growing in the middle.

One of my favourites the beautiful blue lithodora are also in flower and I would have shared a photograph but it started raining!

So here is one from a previous year.

lithodora and bee

The bees are just as busy this year. I hear their melodious hum as I sit outside in the latter part of the afternoon.

And for later visitors. Sun is now out, managed to take a photograph of the lithodora. lithodora 2020

I hope you are enjoying these extra posts, I find it helps me to feel focused and maybe also useful, in that they may be something for people to occupy themselves with.

6 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung

  1. Yes i am very much enjoying the extra posts, thank you. I love seeing your garden, so much further on than mine, the daffodils have only just finished here, but we do have forget me knots. My neighbours apple tree isn’t blossoming yet but our plum tree is. So much new life, so much hope….

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