Half way there!

Here is my Temperature Scarf from the beginning of  January to the end of June. Scarf half wayI used a rainbow/spectrum choice of colours from purple as coldest to red as hottest, so you can see we start at the left for January to June on the right. Unfortunately blue shades reproduce very badly on-screen.

Here is a reminder of my temperature colour chart. Temperature chartAnd here is a closer look at different months. January and FebruaryThis is January and February. The cotton represent where you change from one month to another. No below zero temperatures at mid-day but January is the only month where I had to use the darkest blue!

Then March and April. March and AprilYou can see how the paler blue shades start to become more prominent towards the end of March, Even a bright green = hotter day in the middle of April.

Now May and June. You can see how it is getting warmer.May and JuneThe wider band of pale green not long after the beginning of May represent a mini-heatwave. The sort I like when it is not too hot. We had another little heatwave early in June represent by the bright yellow. Unfortunately the bands of paler green towards the end of June could not be called a ‘heatwave’ as it is warmer now but we have had a lot of warm wet days! It seems to be mostly unpredictable showers and sunshine mixed.

Last week we were told that 28th June was the anniversary of the day in 1976 when the temperature in Southampton was 35.6 deg C ( about 96 def F) – the highest recorded temperature here ever apparently! I remember that summer well: lots of heat followed by thunderstorms. This summer though, the way it is going, I think I will be lucky to get as far as orange let alone red!

8 thoughts on “Half way there!

  1. Oh gosh I remember that summer. We lived in Sussex. I would hang washing out and by the time I walked to the end of the line the first garment had dried. Love the scarf, let’s hope you get to use some warmer colours soon.


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