Photo Challenge – Play

My eldest is very much involved with amateur dramatics, so of course that was what I first thought of when I read the word ‘play’. However the drama group she is normally involved with does not allow photographs.

Recently she took part in a play with another amateur dramatic company and played the daughter in Noel Coward’s play: Hay Fever. She had some lovely costumes to wear and given the totally different style of the venue I think photographs may have been allowed. But I didn’t take my camera, so regrettably I cannot share this with you.

I therefore had to go for a different meaning of the word ‘play’ and chose this photograph of my granddaughter playing in the paddling pool on Southampton Common that I took last summer.

Photo Challenge1626 - playI chose it especially for the T-shirt. My granddaughter does love Minecraft! (as well as paddling pools.)

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