Danube Adventure – Melk Abbey

Melk Abbey was amazing and I took lots of photographs though when we were being taken on a guided tour it was fairly speedy and I would have liked more time.

I’ve been aiming for twelve photographs of each location but I have had to stretch to fifteen here.

Melk is very much a working abbey but I imagine that the tourists help supplement their income.

Here we are at the main entrance to the abbey.Arriving at Melk abbeyWe were left to wander around in the outer courtyards for a while.Outer courtyardThe sun was very bright and it was impossible to take in the whole area in one photograph.

The inner courtyard was more interesting. Side with towerI especially liked the four modern paintings of the cardinal virtues. (One on each side).

The one you can see in the above photograph was probably my favourite. It represented Wisdom (or Prudence).Wisdom paintingI photgraphed all four but not to overwhelm you I will just share the one opposite, under the clock, which represented Justice.Justice painting with clockAs it was so hot, we eventually settled for resting in the area between the two courtyards and I had to take a photograph of the ceiling. Outer courtyard ceilingas it was so beautiful.

We were taken inside and one of the areas we went to contained many old vestements and religious artefacts. The light was low and everything contained in glass cases so taking photographs was tricky.

Just as an example I have chosen this black copeBlack copeand this golden chalice. Gold chaliceWe moved on later to a large hall with a trompe d’oeil ceiling. I couldn’t photograph the whole ceiling but I have included these two photographs to show how the effect worked well when standing in the centrePart of trompe d'oeil ceilingBut if you moved to the edge you could see that it was an illusion as the persepective changed.Edge of ceilingAnother amazing trompe d’oeil effect was this spiral staircase. Spiral staircaseIt is hard to believe that this is just a flat painted surface, it seemed so real at the time.

Here is a close up so you can see that it is indeed just paint. Painting close up(We did also visit the library but I didn’t take any photographs there it was too tricky.)

We finished in the Abbey church Abbey churchbefore going out into the gardens. Abbey gardenCan you see the cut out animal shapes around the place?

What I especially liked round the back was this sort of Zen garden. Zen gardenFrom Melk we travelled on to Linz and a day trip to Salzburg which will be what I share next Thursday.

14 thoughts on “Danube Adventure – Melk Abbey

  1. Loving your photos of your Danube adventure, it gives you something to look back on , when it is all over , Thankyou again for my beautiful angel , although you are not on Facebook I have posted a picture and link to your blog on there ,


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