I finished my waistcoat! (+ blanket update)

Actually I finished it a while a go but since it is for the winter it seemed appropriate to delay the reveal till the weather was colder.

So here it is finished. Finished waistcoat

And here I am wearing it. Waistcoat being wornIt is far from perfect. I found a few mistakes when I came to pick up stitches for the border, but luckily the mistakes are not obvious. I also think that I should maybe have picked up a few more for the front bands as they are a bit taut but it will do.

Another  thing I am not sure of is the buttons. I like the ones I chose but I might have preferred smaller ones. I followed the pattern but for smaller buttons I should have cast off one stitch not two.

I now have lots of hand-made tops to wear with my jumpers. As I have these too!

Mohair shrugCrochet shrug
It’s definitely cold enough to need them!

I even used what I have finished of my blanket to help keep my legs warm the other day while I worked on another angel.

I have now completed one third of the body of my latest blanket.First third of granny ripple blanketI alternate between loving it and thinking that I chose too many colours and it is much too flaboyant and I should have left out yellow and orange shades. I am reserving final judgement though until it is finished.

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