Angel bookmark/decoration Pattern

Three angelsThis pattern in UK & US terms is now available to buy on Ravelry –

If made in #10 crochet cotton angel is about four inches high. In goldfingering it is about six inches high. It can be used as a bookmark, perhaps with a cord and tassel or else as a tree decoration or even made into bunting.

I made it as a bookmark to give as a Christmas card.ย  I made them in all sorts of colours.

Even in #20 thread


The pattern includes bothe UK and US versions.

36 thoughts on “Angel bookmark/decoration Pattern

  1. Beautiful! thanks for NOT mentioned the ‘C’ word!!!! Would make a lovely Christening present too – I have given all my grandchildren angels at their Christenings – Granny’s Angels being there with them when I can’t be. xxx

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  2. Hi – Many thanks for the pattern – I was going to ask about it but thought that there may be a reason you were not putting it on the blog. I will certainly be making


  3. Thank you for posting the pattern, always wanted to try to crochet angels. This is a good way to give it a try and it will make great stocking stuffers. Thanks.


  4. Thank you so much for this beautiful angel pattern! The holidays are going to be especially difficult for my friend who recently lost her 10 year old son to cancer. I know this won’t take that pain away, but I wanted to make something for her to let her know that my thoughts and prayers are with her. Anyway, this is perfect. Thank you. – Maria


  5. Great pattern and easy to follow, very many thanks, going to stockpile for Christmas presents for my family, I have stiffened them with PVA glue and they will make nice Christmas tree decorations too! x


      1. Thank you for accepting me on here,I have used a sugar/water & also a cornstarch/ water solutions then if you have to wash to clean them you can, but then again it all depends what you are using them for, I think I will try about # 30 weight cotton & go from there as to size, but not wanting it very big to put on a corner of an afgan.

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  6. I have made an afgan for a sister-in-law,who is quite ill,I have considered putting something on a corner like this angel,how large approx. is this angel,I love it


    1. If you look at the bottom photgraph you will see that made in #10 thread it is about 4 inches high but made in Twilley’s Goldfingering it is almost 6 inches. Made in a heavier yarn it would be even larger. So it depends on the yarn you use and also to a certain extent the hook you choose. Maybe you could make a small part of a wing in the yarn you want to use and then scale appropriately since four rows of the wing is about an inch in thread and so is about a quarter of the height of the whole thing.


  7. Thanks for sharing. Just found your angel. I plan to make a few of these to go in special cards for birthdays and Christmas. And some extras for myself.


      1. I would like to get the pattern for an angel tree. I go to church at an Air Force Base and we support a nursing home at Christmas. Each angel has a resident name and what clothing item they would like plus size. Requests are filled by parishioners.

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