A Bonanza of bookmarks

This could be considered a follow on from my previous post, though really there is no connection.

Lately, in between other things, I have been crochetting some of my cross bookmarks in different coloured cottons. I added a tassel; as if people don’t like it they can always remove it but it’s harder to add one.

I decided to do this because although I don’t want the bother of doing something like having an Etsy shop, I thought that if I donated a few of my cross bookmarks to my parish, they could be sold to help parish funds and so I made eight bookmarks.


I made three using my pattern no. 1


And five using pattern no. 2.

Four similar


and one in red with a white border.


I wasn’t entirely happy with this last one as the red shows through the white. However two of the bookmarks were snapped up almost immediately when I showed them to a couple of people I know at church, including this one. Another bookmark was bought on Sunday.

So now I should maybe make a couple more!

6 thoughts on “A Bonanza of bookmarks

  1. They are unique and very beautifully made, I’m not surprised they’re getting snapped up 🙂
    PS. One of my customers on Saturday was a lady from Southampton, who was looking for a “whacky” hat to take home for winter. I wanted to ask her if she knew someone called Jane, but figured it would sound hokey. hahaha


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