African Violet tutorial


The pattern and tutorial for these is now available for sale on Ravelry –

A crochet pattern that produces a display of African Violet flowers to be placed at the top of a flower pot.

Size can be altered to suit. I used acrylic yarn but any DK yarn would do.

A closer lookor

Or a full set from above.


The pattern contains an extensive photo tutorial and charts, plus pages containing the basic pattern instructions without photographs suitable for printing.There are separate versions in UK and US crochet terms.

41 thoughts on “African Violet tutorial

      1. I used your tutorial, and I’d like to thank you. I made it for a coworker, and it turned out lovely.
        I also crocheted a pot for the flowers.
        It was a bit challenging w the UK terms/US terms, but a good kind of challenge. In the US, worsted weight/4 is the most common yarn, so that’s what I used.
        Thanks so much!


        1. Glad you found this useful. Although the tutorial was in UK terms there was a US version of the pattern at the bottom though I notice I talk about DK yarn in the US version and it should be worsted weight as that is the US equivalent.


      2. Hello, I am an advisor for a youth service group and the African Violet is our signature flower. Could I purchase one from you? I cannot crochet at all. I have tried. Jill


  1. Wow what. A great tutorial, very clear! I have four African violets, two in flower and two soon to be in flower. When they stop flowering in think Ill have to crochet some!


  2. Just finished a pot plant for my cousin’s birthday. Used an empty white Pot Noodle container and made a row of holes around the top to secure my ‘lattice’ cover. Was going to send a picture, but can’t see where to do that


    1. Yes. I have never sat down and worked out the best way to make an even circle but even with increases in the same spot you can pull the shape to be more circular. It is a very common way to increase. However amending my brown circle is on my to-do list.


  3. Oh my! I’ve just found your site through a link from Ookbawka, I think. These African Violet Pots are wonderful! Though my crochet plate is rather full at the time, am putting this on my To Do in 2015 Bucket List (a separate file in my crochet files).
    Thank you for this detailed tutorial! It’s wonderful!
    I will be doing US terms, but could easily determine the correct stitches as I read along…
    Rather easy and quite beautiful! And I know several friends who’d just positively swoon if given one of these!
    I gave a crochet necklace to a friend last year – every time I see her, she’s wearing it – and raving about it! (as she does the little change purse I made for her!)
    Crochet gives us inexpensive ways to gift when otherwise we would not be able to do so.

    Thank you again…I have to check…can I subscribe to this site?


  4. Thanks for a great tutorial, and the translation into American terms. I might still use your UK pattern just to get used to translating it in my head. I might have to make one for my son and his wife. They live in my basement and have to bring their plants upstairs to get some sun. And I’m inspired to look for my mother’s crocheted spider plant pattern when I visit my sister, who lives in the home we grew up in.


  5. Thank you! You are so incredibly generous with offering your gorgeous pattern for free to us all. Thank you again. With love, from a yarnaholic!


  6. These are just fabulous! When I was growing up both my Nan and my Mum grew these in abundance, each being able to start a new plant from just a leaf. They are one of my earliest childhood memories. I am not so lucky, I don’t have green fingers but I can crochet so I’m definitely going to have to try these. Thanks so much for the tutorial too, bookmarked for when I have the right materials 🙂


  7. Thank you very much for the pattern. I just finished a pot with African Violets. I want to try another colours. The flowers are so beautiful! Thank you again. I wish you a wonderful spring and all the best!

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