Snowflake bookmark pattern


This pattern is now available for sale on Ravelry –

This is a very easy bookmark pattern that can suitably be made in either #10 or #20 crochet cotton. Individual snowflakes could also be made in any yarn for decoration.

The pattern is available in either UK or US terms.

A little silver in the tassel can add a little sparkle.

15 thoughts on “Snowflake bookmark pattern

  1. Your snowflakes are lovely and I want to make them right now. The blue and white together gives them a beautiful icy quality. Thanks for sharing the pattern as well.
    I’ll be sitting down with a nice cup of tea and reading some of your previous posts – so glad to have found your blog.


    1. I have a drawing program called ‘Corel Draw’ and I create the basic shapes for trebles, dcs etc. in the ‘draw’ part. Then I combine them into subgroups, depending on the pattern and for the snowflake. for instance, I could copy and paste then rotate the parts through 60deg 120deg etc. Allowing me to fit them together not perfectly but good enough. I can re-use bits from previous charts if I wish to save time. Finally I can export them as jpg files and finalise the look in the ‘paint’ part of the program. The snowflake chart wasn’t too difficult but I did find making the chart for my ‘granny ripple’ was much harder, as you can see if you look at it, as it is much more uneven.


  2. Thank you for the lovely bookmark. I am keen to try it. Your explanations & diagram are so clear. Afraid I am a little confused about the joining bit. Did you join the snowflakes while crocheting the trefoil loops or did you join them after completing the snowflake?


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