I’m feeling so happy! :-)

I have finally finished the spectrum body of my granny ripple blanket.


And a closer look –


I have also found a parallel way of filling in the ripples at the top


and the bottom


And though it is not really worth a photo, I have completed one round of a granny style edging that is to be the basis of rows of straight trebles and finished all the ends to date.

Now I can relax. Turn my attention to some other things that need doing, knowing that the blanket edging is there to return to as and when I have time.

I am making the blanket for my bed but when I have seen it bundled up on the settee I think that maybe it would have been nice as a snuggle up in the evenings blanket.


34 thoughts on “I’m feeling so happy! :-)

    1. It’s the size that would be the issue since at present it is a good size for use in the evening but by the time I have added a border of six inches or more all the way round it may be a bit big for snuggling but good for the bed.


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