Just a bit of fun!

Well here is my finished Buff®.

It is maybe just a little short of the standard 18″ but not by much and the knitting is fairly stretchy of course anyway.

The whole point of the thing is that you can wear it in a whole variety of ways.

Now the ones you can buy are made of a lightweight fabric that makes it more versatile but not as cosy if you are using it as a hat or scarf.

Because this is knitted I think I would have difficulty using it as a hairband, wristlet or scrunchy but you can just about wear it as a decorative neckerchief.


Sorry! this means lots not especially good pictures of me. I took them with my phone as that seemed the easiest way as the phone lets you take self-portraits.

However more usefully it is good as a cosy scarf

and you could even wear it as a mask for the odd robbery! or to shield you from traffic fumes.


You can also use it as a balaclava

This is similar to my original scarf/hat tube thingy which gave me the idea of making the buff in the first place as it is the same basic knitting pattern.

And with a twist in the middle it is a cosy woollen cap.


If you prefer you could choose the pirate style cap.


or with a flap down the back


As you can see these last two were the hardest to photograph.

And though I can’t quite see the point of wearing it like this, you could wear it ‘sweatband’ style.


My jumper, by the way, is purple not blue.

I do actually think that it will be handy as a scarf when you want something round your neck but without the ends and to wear as a balaclava or cap.

What do you think?

14 thoughts on “Just a bit of fun!

  1. I think this is flippin’ marvellous – the balaclava look is rather fetching, but its the mask option that did it for me! Pair it with some big sungogs and it would be the perfect disguise – for those days when you don’t want anyone to notice you. ❤


  2. Thank you so much! I was introduced to Buffs as a head cover option since losing my hair due to chemo this summer. I have some for the summer and wondered about a knitting pattern to make some for colder days and found your post. I plan to make some for myself and donate others. Thanks again!


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