Submarines and supper but no cake!

At last I find time to tell you about our second trip to Portsmouth and the Historic Dockyard on Saturday 1st Sepember.
We parked the car in Portsmouth but decided that we would start by visiting the Submarine museum. This meant going over to Gosport. Since the journey was much cheaper and quicker that way, we took the local ferry.

We looked at many of the interactive exhibits then went on a guided tour of HMS Alliance which was commissioned in 1947 and were told how during the cold war our guide and fellow submariners were ‘naughty boys’ and took their submarine places that they shouldn’t have been.

Just some of the controls
Crew accommodation

We had a few demonstrations of what it would have been like to be in the submarine during different procedures

and a little girl helped to re-enact starting the engines.

We then went and saw Holland 1: first commissioned in 1901, the Royal Navy’s first submarine.

and another smaller submarine which had had a crew of only four people. There was talk of stealing her had we been nearer the water but I didn’t get voted as part of the crew!

There was so much more that I did not photograph as I was too busy taking it all in. (And it was rather dark). There were videos about past triumphs of submarine warfare and examples of ‘jolly roger’ flags that showed the successes of different submarine crews in past conflicts.

I don’t think we had realised how much there was to see so by the time we headed back to the ferry terminal the afternoon was well on.

We took the short trip back to Portsmouth.

By now it was clear that we would have to come back another day and that this would be the nearest we would get to HMS Warrior that day.

To my daughter’s great disappointment it was 1650 by the time we arrived back at the Historic Dockyard.

She doesn’t want a ‘cream tea’  apparently but ‘cake’ at The Georgian Tearooms and they shup at 1700.

Yet another reason to come back.

However the day was not over. We had only had a light lunch at the submarine museum and my offer to make everyone supper was refused, so we went down to the centre of Southampton to find a suitable restaurant.

We ended up at a Turkish one, below Bar, in the High Street.

The waiter offered to take a picture so here we all are:-

We had hot and cold tapas to start.

And then various other things for the main course.

It was dark by the time they took me home and collected Louisa’s luggage. I think a little girl must have got to bed very late that evening.

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