Tutorial – Snowflake

These snowflakes can be used on their own, joined together to make a bookmark – see HERE (This link also contains the written pattern for the snowflake in UK & US versions) or joined together to make a larger fabric – see the joining tutorial HERE

The problem with tutorials is always how detailed to be. I hope I have chosen the right balance between too much detail and too little. I am asumming that anyone who attempts this will know how to make the basic stitches.

Contrary to my usual habit this will be in US terminology. (There is a chart below).

The snowflake has only three rows.

I start with a magic loop though you could also use 6 chain loop as there is meant to be a hole in the centre.snowflake-magicloopFor the First Row

work 5ch which is the equivalent to dc, 2ch.snowflake-firstrow5chFollowed by 2dc into the loop.snowflake-firstrow2trsThen 2ch.snowflake-firstrow2chRepeat 2dc, 2ch into the loop four more times.snowflake-firstrow2trs2chx4Then another dc into the loop.snowflake-firstrow1trThe needle shows where you will finish the row with a slip stitch into the 3rd chain at the start.snowflake-firstrowcompleteThis completes the first row.

For the Second Row

Start by inserting your hook into the loop to the left.snowflake-firstrowintoloopand making a slip stitch.snowflake-2ndrowssinloopThis time you start with 6ch which is equivalent to dc, 3ch.snowflake-2ndrow6chWork a dc into this first loop.snowflake-2ndrowtrThen 2ch.snowflake-2ndrow2chContinue by working dc, 3ch, dc, 2ch into the next loop.snowflake-2ndrowtr3chtr2chand then repeating this in each of the remaining four loops.snowflake-2ndrowendThe row is finished with a slip stitch into the third chain at the beginning of the row as show by the needle. This completes the second row.

Third (and final) Row

Here you will work three chain loops into each of the corner loops of the second row.

As for the second row you start with a slip stitch into the loop to the left followed this time by 5chain for the first of the loops.snowflake-3rdrow5chforloopSlip stitch into the same 2nd row loop to complete.snowflake-3rdrow5chloopThen work 7 chain for the second loopsnowflake-3rdrow7chforloopand again slip stitch back in the same 2nd row loop.snowflake-3rdrow7chloopA further 5 chain loop completes the corner of the snowflake.snowflake-3rdrowcornerYou now need to work 4sc – the first into the dc on the left.snowflake-3rdrowfirstdcCompleted.snowflake-3rdrowfirstdccompleteThen two into the loop.snowflake-3rdrow2dcintoloopfollowed by the fourth in the dc at the end.snowflake-3rdrow4thdcYou then repeat this sequence in each of the remaining ten loops. Starting with a slip stitch into the loop and finishing with the fourth sc. (5 times).

The one slightly tricky bit I found in the whole process was working the last sc of all into the chains at the start of the 2nd row.

Here you can see the loop you need to find. I would pull it to make it large enough to work into.snowflake-3rdrowendholeWorking a sc above this will suffice as shown below.snowflake-3rdrowfinaldcThis completes your snowflake.snowflake-completeAll that remains is to sew in the ends.

And here is the chart.0223-newsnowflakechart

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