Tutorial – Large Easy snowflake

The original post was HERE and includes instructions for other snowflakes as well.

I have used a pale blue yarn instead of the white for the step by step pictures because I think it makes the stitches easier to see.

This tutorial uses UK crochet terms but the pattern is available in US terms with my other patterns in the menu at the top and in the original post.

These are made using DK (US worsted weight) yarn.  I used a 4mm hook to make them a bit firmer than my normal crochet but use whatever yarn and hook works for you.This only has four rows and only the last one is at all fiddly.

I used the Magic Loop Method to start all my snowflakes but you can use whatever is your favourite method.

I am not very good at draughtsmanship but here is a drawing I did for my project book that I thought gives a good idea of how the yarn goes for this method if you are a beginner.

Magic loop diagram

Row 1: 3ch=1st tr

then 11trs into hole.

Join with a slip stitch into the third chain at the beginning.

When I was beginning crocheting in the round it took me a while to realise but ‘working into the third chain’ meant working into the first place that it was easy to get into, that is almost above the first of the trebles.

Row 2

When working into gaps I like to start by pulling the yarn through the gap to the right (the one before the three chain of the previous row)

and then pulling it to the right of the gap before working any more trebles.

Row 2: 3ch = 1st tr then 1tr, 1ch working into the gap to the right of the (3ch=1st tr) of the previous row.

Then work (2tr, 1ch) eleven more times, working into each gap between the trebles of the previous row. Slip stitch together as first row.

Row 3:

3ch = 1st tr then 2tr into the first space.

then (tr, 4ch, tr) into the next space.

Then alternate this with (3tr) into each space to the end. Slip stitch together as first row.

Row 4

Have you ever reflected on the fact that even single crochet stitches do not really sit neatly on top of each other but are actually slightly offset like the three treble groups are when doing granny squares.

So I decided for reasons of symmetry to work 4dc above the 3tr of the previous row.

Row 4: 2ch=1dc, then a further 2dc into the stitch holes (3 & 4) as in the picture above.

Then work a Trefoil = (2dc, 3ch, slst, 5ch, slst, 3ch 2dc) into the gap below the 4ch of the previous row. You can push the stitches along to the right if you feel you are running out of space for this.

Then work 4dc over the 3tr groups as in the picture (holes 1,2,3,4) and the trefoils into the loops – all the way round.

Finish with a last dc into hole 1 and slst together into 2nd chain at start.

(I have used 3-5-3 for the chains in the trefoil because I liked it best but for variety you could use 3-3-3, 5-5-5 or 5-7-5.)

Sew in the ends.

Pulling the points may be necessary to make them look at their best.



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