Tutorial – Joining snowflakes

There is a tutorial on making the basic snowflake – HERE.

Contrary to my usual habit this will be in US terminology. (There is a chart below).

When you have made one snowflake joining a second one is done like this

Complete the second snowflake until you have completed the first 5ch loop of the fifth corner2snowflake-readytojointhen work 3ch of the next loop.2snowflake-3chInsert the hook into one of the seven chain loops of the other snowflake ready to make a slip stitch.2snowflake-3chssComplete the slip stitch and work 3ch.2snowflake-3chss3chSlip stitch back in the loop you are working from.2snowflake-3chss3chssThen work 2ch and slip stitch into the next loop of the first snowflake.2snowflake-2chComplete this loop with 2ch and a slip stitch back into the original loop. You have made your first corner join.2snowflake-firstjoinWork the four sc as usual, the slip stich into the loop, then 2ch and slip stitch into the next loop of the first snowflake.2snowflake-start2ndjoinjoinComplete the loop.2snowflake-2ndjoin5chloopdoneWork 3ch of the next loop, slip stitch into the adjoining 7ch loop of the first snowflake as you did before and complete. The third (5ch) loop is completed without joining to anything.

2snowflake-2ndjoinYou then work the last 4sc as normal and the joining is complete.
Here are the two snowflakes joined.0352-twosnowflakesjoinedThe numbers show the loops to be joined when you add a third snowflake.

I have included a few pictures to help with this.

You work the third row of the snowflake until three corners are complete plus the first loop of the fourth corner.3snowflake-readytojoinPoints 1 & 2 are joined as you did when joining two snowflakes3snowflake-firstjoinsFor the next corner you join the 5ch loop to loop no. 3.3snowflake-firstof2ndjoinThen for the already joined loops labelled 4 you insert the hook into the loop on the right and out of the loop on the left – as so.3snowflake-doubleholessWork a slip stitch and complete the loop.3snowflake-3wayjoincompleteThe loop joining loop 5 is worked in the normal way. 2ch, ss, 2ch, ss.3snowflake-secondofthreejoinsJust leaving the joining of loops 6 & 7 which is completed as for the second part of joining two snowflakes.

You now have joined three snowflakes.0352-threesnowflakesjoinedThe only extra thing to mention is that as you work round the first snowflake you will find that when you come to completing the circle you will have four corner joins to make. The first and last will be as for two snowflakes and the second and third will be as for the centre one above.

See the charts below for clarification.

To join snowflakes so no two colours are touching three colours are necessary and sufficient.


Here is the chart for joining two snowflakes.0352-joining2snowflakeschartWith the remaining charts I must apologise for the fact that the slip stitches are not always as close to the connecting loops as above.

The large dot represents the slip stitch worked into one loop and out of the other.0352-joining3snowflakeschartHere is a chart showing what happens when you have to join four corners.0352-joiningfourpointschartAnd here is the plan I made when making my Rainbow spiral cloth.

This will enlarge if you click on it

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