Tutorial – Standing Treble (DC) when changing colour

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Here you can see how it is possible to use a proper treble (US – dc) instead of three chains when starting a new colour.

I like to start my rows in the middle of a corner. So in the picture below the three trebles to the left of centre are the first granny group of the row. I think you can see, especially on the white, that the first stitch of the group is a treble and not three chain.



Looking on the internet there seem to be a variety of ways of doing it (Looking quickly I have found two) but my way is slightly different.

One way is to start with a slip knit on your hook. That was my first idea but I found that it left you with a knot and was not necessary.

You start by folding the new yarn over the hook. (Obviously this is described as for a right handed person.)


Then you fold the tail under to the left and over to the right as in this picture.


Then pull tight and place the twist on the far side of the hook a little way from the end.


From now on you press your right forefinger tightly against the twist to hold it in place.

Pick up a loop of thread and insert the hook in the work, as usual.


Draw through a loop, as usual.


Then draw more yarn through the first two loops (again as usual). This is the point to press really tightly on the twist and not lose your nerve as the stitch seems to stretch out.


You now need to change your hold to your left hand as you pick up the a new loop of yarn ready to pull through the last two loops on the hook.


Pull the picked up yarn through the last two loops and there you are


Pull gently on the tail to take up any slack and you can continue with the rest of the row.

This means that your starting and finishing tails are on the same level which I quite like.

There is a way of doing a similar thing when starting a new row in the same colour but it gives a less perfect result and I find it trickier but if you are interested it may be worth looking for.

2 thoughts on “Tutorial – Standing Treble (DC) when changing colour

  1. I love the crosses. I wish that I could find a talking tutorial as I have croched for years but not good at reading a pattern. I am going to search this out because I would love to make these.


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