Tutorial – Crab Stitch

I used a crab stitch edging on my hexagon blanket (original post HERE) but I found some of the explanations of how to do crab stitch not entirely clear, so here is my own explanation for anyone who hasn’t done it before but would like to try.

A few views as the edging appeared on the blanket.

Here is the picture tutorial

Crab stitch is worked in the opposite direction to normal. That is from left to right for right-handers like me.

It is best worked on a base row of dc (US sc) and I started by doing 1ch just to loosen it up.

Insert hook in stitch to the right ******* go over and under yarn ******* then catch round hook.
Pull through stitch ******* then start to turn hook clockwise
Continue turning till you are back where you started ******* then pull yarn through as normal
One crab stitch complete
A row of crab stitches


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