Tutorial – Always Right Twist stitch

The ‘always right twist’ stitch is just so easy – I used it for the first pair of socks that I knitted but it could be used for almost anything.

It gives a cable look without having a cable needle.

(HERE is the original post).

Here you can see how it appeared when used for the socks.

I am showing you the sample I made as it shows the stitch most clearly but I increased the number of purl stitches either side from one to two after a few rows so that is why it looks a bit odd.

I used the stitch once every five rows. The other rows were just a K4,P2, K2, P2, ………….rib.

But this was knitting in the round where you get stocking stitch from knitting every row.

For flat knitting you would need to introduce the twist every even number of rows.

Here is the picture tutorial for making the stitch

The pictures do enlarge if you wish to see more closely.

First you knit two together but leave the stitches on the left hand needle
Then you insert the needle between those two stitches and into the one on the right and knit it
Finally you pull the stitches off the left hand needle and it’s done

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