Sea and Sand blanket – Final Details

Whole blanket The pattern used for this blanket is now available on Ravelry –

It was designed as a shoulder or lap blanket for when sitting on my bedroom chair. blanket on bedroom chair

It took me almost exactly a year to complete but during that time it was put aside quite often as I regarded it as a relaxing in-between project.

I copied the colour arrangement of part of an earlier blanket that I had made for my younger daughter.original sea and sand blanket

I used the same fourteen colours.

My favourite Stylecraft Special DK acrylic yarn in white, silver, parchment, camel, mocha, turquoise, sherbet, aspen, teal, royal, bluebell, denim, aster, cloud blue.

yarn for blanket

I had enough of all the colours except the white.

The main body of the blanket uses less than 40g of each of the fourteen colours.

It measures about 2ft x 4ft (60 x 120cm)

I used a 5mm hook.

The blanket had four ripples of my “Smooth Granny Ripple” pattern which was a more symmetrical version of my original “Soft Granny Ripple” pattern.

My brief for the colour arrangement had been to use all fourteen colours in four blocks, with the stipulation each colour should be found next to different colours each time they appeared as far as possible.

As I chose the order of the colours for each block I had tried to simulate different types of sea and sand.

So I started out with a ‘picture book’ sea. picture book sea

Later I tried to recreate a Greek sea.Greek seaI also chose colours for a British sea. British seaThe light has been appalling lately and unfortunately, the day I had time to take the above three photographs it was especially bad.


Ripple blanket statistics

The finished ripple blanket

I was in so much of a hurry to get my sea and sand ripple blanket post out that I forgot to add some statistics about it. And the weather is now dry too , so I managed to get a photograph of the whole completed blanket.

Of the fourteen balls of Stylecraft yarn that I started with – More about the colours here-

Yarn bought for blanket

just these small balls remain.

Left over yarn

I am not sure why some of the balls are much smaller than the others though I do think that with some colours the yarn seems thicker and so there is probably less length and I may even use more for a row. The white though is smaller because I used some when experimenting on making crochet orchids.

The blanket measures just over 3ft wide and 6ft long at approximately 97 by 186cm.

Each of the fourteen colours were used on eight double rows. (The pattern uses two different rows to make a stripe.) The middle seventeen stripes were worked in the same group of colours from my stash yarns as I had calculated that there would only be enough yarn in a ball for eight stripes and I wanted the blanket a bit longer. This added 9.5 inches or 24cm to the total length.

That makes a total of 129 stripes.

Completed sea and sand blanket
This will enlarge for a closer look

I will put the balls in my oddment drawer, ready to be used for small projects.

I’ll end with a photograph you’ve seen before that is my favourite – because I can!

Favourite picture

Sea and Sand blanket completed

I’ve just had a very exhausting but fun  week with my granddaughter but I have so many photographs to show you that I need a bit more time so I decided that I will show you something that I completed just before my granddaughter arrived.

My sea and sand blanket

Here it is folded up on the camphor wood chest.

Finished blanket folded

It is a miserable day today but luckily when I had finished the body of the blanket it was bright and dry so I took a photograph of the whole thing on some outside paving below a window.

Body of blanket completed
This will enlarge for a closer look!

I wanted to give it a border and my first thought was to use white but then I thought that white may get grubby easily and spoil the look so I settled for turquoise.

A row of crab stitches
Edge of hexagon blanket
Spectrum ripple blanket
Spectrum ripple blanket

My first thought had been to use crab stitch as in my hexagon blanket but I tried a small sample and it didn’t work.
I also wanted this border to enhance rather than detract from the ripply nature of the blanket so far from filling in the ripples to give a straight border as I had done with my spectrum ripple blanket, I did a couple of rows of double crochet (US – sc) along the ripples and created a ripply edge up the sides.

Blanket with ripple edge

The pattern does have a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ side.

Right –

Right side of blanketand Wrong –

Wrong side of blanket

But they are both attractive.

I think that this pattern makes a really lovely blanket and I hope my daughter likes it.

Ripple blanket update

Just a quick update on my sea and sand ripple blanket. The weather is dry so I was able to take it outside to photograph.


I am about three eighths of the way through (43 rows). At five rows a week I should have reached forty five but I am still on course for not much more than six months to make it.

I also want to share a picture of a daffodil that I was given on Sunday because it was one of three things that made me happy that day (Mother’s Day). The other two were being at my daughters that morning (post the trip I shared with you) and having lunch at my son’s and then playing WiU games all afternoon.


In my church very often all the mothers are given daffodils after Mass. However as I am altar server M.C.  I never count as being a mother but one of the other women there whom I have known since my children were little came up to me after Mass and gave me hers as she didn’t like people being missed. (I didn’t like to take it but she said she ‘had plenty’ and it was such a kind thought.)

I have it on the mantlepiece and it is bringing a little sunshine into my life.


Cafetière Cosy


Here it is as promised.

Cafetiere cosiesMy earlier cafetière cosies were made very quickly just to try out basic  ripple, granny stripe and adding beads. This time I took more time and more care with the making. I decided to use buttons to join at the back as I thought that would be neater.

Here are some more photos.

Right side
Left side
Left side

No tutorial but just a recap from the previous post:-

I used this pattern


From Jan Eaton’s “200 Ripple Stitch Patterns”

Using colours I had available that might fit with a sea and sand colour scheme.

Making this.


I thought that I had measured the height correctly but in fact when I held it against the cafetière, I realised it was too tall and undid the top double ripple and used the yarn to work a double crochet (UK) border to join it, fit over the handle and contain buttonholes for the three buttons.

I am very pleased with it. I like the colours, it is thicker than the previous one thus better for insulation (and better, in my opinion, for a blanket).

I am pleased with the photos too. With low winter light I generally have problems but the pictures of the finished cosy were taken at 1/13 and they still came out nicely in focus without shake and good colour. I was quite amazed. 🙂