Half way there!

Here is my Temperature Scarf from the beginning of  January to the end of June. I used a rainbow/spectrum choice of colours from purple as coldest to red as hottest, so you can see we start at the left for January to June on the right. Unfortunately blue shades reproduce very badly on-screen. Here is… Read More Half way there!

Oh Woops!

In January I showed you how I was getting on with a temperature scarf in this POST. I had found a web site that provided graphs of local weather information including temperature spread over the whole day. Here is a typical graph from 3rd March. Now I had noticed that some days the temperature I… Read More Oh Woops!

So Soft Scarf!

Here it is. And here is my story! I discovered not long before Christmas that I needed another present and since the person in question didn’t like chocolate, which is always a good option, I thought I would make something. Remembering how quickly I was able to make a scarf in Super Chunky yarn that… Read More So Soft Scarf!