Monthly Montage February

Lately I have had so many other posts to share that this is a bit delayed but finally here is my February Montage.

In February, I began by showing a large number of photographs of bees I had taken in the Autumn. Then I showed you a floor cloth I had crocheted, even though it was mundane and my crochet orchids. Later I shared a pattern, including a chart, showing how to make the orchids.

Lastly I showed you the hat I had made to match the cowl and told you about some of the tribulations I had had along the way.

One a week Photo Challenge – Historical

It wasn’t too hard to find a photograph for this subject so here it is:- This is from the displays of things from the Mary Rose. This is a slightly cut down photograph from the original post HERE. A collection of items needed by a ship’s surgeon.

I also looked out this photograph that wasn’t included in the original post: less interesting perhaps but I rather liked it.

Another peak at my garden

I was pleased to find that the primroses at the front of the middle flower bed are now all in flower. Here’s a closer look.   The same person who gave me the primroses, when she was clearing an area of her garden, also gave me some violets.

They seem to have survived less well. (They were all enmeshed in the primroses when I got them!)

But I was pleased to find that at least one had produced some flowers. In the herb bed some of the scilla siberica that were part of my earlier planting seem to have survived the upheaval.And the taller daffodils are now in flower. But I am not entirely happy with these as they were sold to me as ‘February Gold’ which I love because of the swept back outer ring of petals that these seem to lack.

As you can see here in a photograph I took of the ones in a pot in the front. And my latest addition: some golden sage to replace the broad-leaved sage that was getting a bit old and was out of proportion in my tiny garden. Not that my younger daughter considers it a garden to her it is little more than a ‘patio’ and there is some merit in her opinion I suppose.

One a week Photo Challenge – Spiral

Finding it hard to find time to join in with this years Photo Challenge but here are a couple of photographs on the subject of ‘spiral’.

Not the best photograph maybe but then we were in process of going down the stairs and not meant to be stopping! The better spiral one though.There was a mirror in the centre at the bottom.

This is the one I shared as part of my Danube trip. Same staircase looking up rather than down. Perhaps you can see how that creates the reflection in the previous photograph.

I myself am rather partial to multiple spirals. Like this bedcover my mother made for me. And the cloth I made for my dining table. Snowflake cloth

Monthly Montage January

I suddenly realised that here it was March and I hadn’t done a Monthly Montage for January or February.

So here at least is January’s.

In January I was able to show you the Womble and little bear I had made as Christmas presents. I also did a review of my more recent offerings for Monochrome Madness and the knitting & crochet and other crafting I had done in 2016. I told you that I was only planning to post once a week in order to leave more time for other things but managed to finish my temperature scarf and a fair isle cowl.

Garden update

The weather has been fairly wet lately but last Thursday it was bright and sunny and going out into the garden I realised that just everything was springing into life. So I went out and did some necessary pruning and took a few photographs.

Last Autumn I planted a clematis on the right hand side of the garden. It is called Diana’s Delight and as with all the clematis I planted, shouldn’t get much bigger than a couple of metres.0553-clematisI have just pruned it as they say you should and hope to get an even better showing this year.

Before Christmas I planted an apple tree. I bought it mail order as I couldn’t find what I wanted at the local garden centre and it had more branches than I expected but it looks good and sturdy. It is a self-fertile Cox on M27 rooting stock. The same as I had before.

I took this photograph in February after I had pruned it. 0553-apple-treeAnother photograph I took in February was of the Lenten rose I had just planted. 0553-helleboresYou can also see the two Christmas roses I had planted before Christmas that were now dying off.

These are on the left side of the garden in the shady bed. 0553-shady-bedYou can see that the Lenten rose now has more flowers.

At the far end are a couple of clematis I planted before Christmas. I have put eggshells round (as I do) to discourage slugs from having a nibble! One of these should be grapefruit scented. I wait in hope! The bare patch next to them is where I should have lily of the valley later.

In the forefront are snowdrops and pulmonaria. 0553-snowdrops-and-pulmonariaWhen I lowered the height of the bed I replanted all the snowdrop bulbs I found and replanted any pulmonaria seedlings I found around the garden. (They do seem to seed themselves, even at quite a distance away!)

However with using up the earth I removed from the bed elsewhere, I see that I have a couple of snowdrops show up under the apple tree. 0553-snow-drop-under-apple-treeThe right hand, sunny, side of the garden is beautifully colourful now. 0553-sunny-bedsHere is a closer look at the herb bed. 0553-herb-bedYou can see the rosemary and thyme in the middle and now I have crocus and daffodils. The touch of red on the left is the remains of some winter pansies I put in to avoid having a bare patch where some lavender will be planted.

The best looking crocus are in the other small island bed though. 0553-crocusThere are lots of other things as well.

This is a photo I took when the sun was really bright. 0553-small-bedOn the right you can see the garlic and one of the three Christophe alliums that I am very fond of. 0553-garlic-and-aliumGarlic is about my only culinary crop because it is so easy. Mind you I just take a few cloves out of the fridge and they don’t grow very big.

In the foreground above you can see my patio rose: Dream Lover. It should be bee friendly and scented!0553-patio-roseThe spikes and the slate are to discourage cats from doing you know what!

The middle bed at the back is the least interesting to look at, at this time of year but this is the sedum that I reduced and replanted. 0553-transplanted-sedumI also replanted the primroses that someone gave me last autumn. 0553-primrosesMaybe I should have put them in the other way round. The flowers don’t want to look at me!

And underneath the fuchsia I found that there was still one of the Springtime cyclamen I planted a few years ago. 0553-spring-cyclamen

I hope you enjoyed a little Springtime peak at my garden. I must go out soon and buy the lavender and a daphne I want, as they become available.


Mainly bees……….

Not a lot to show you this week. I was going to work on my seahorses but I seem to have mislaid one! I know I saw it somewhere recently but can’t remember where.

So I finished a floor cloth 0550-floor-clothsince I thought it would last longer than the shop sort and I believe on getting down on my hands and knees with a cloth to clean the floor.

I also made a couple of crochet orchids. 0550-crochet-orchids(I devised the pattern about eighteen months ago  ago – and had so many helpful comments I became lost in indecision. There was also the question of size since some sprays of orchids have flowers of different sizes and also how to create the stems.

However I have now seen sprays of four equal sized flowers in shops so I am making one of them! There were suggestions for making multi-coloured orchids that I would like to try but I decided to just start with white. I am using my original pattern which I think is the best I am going to get.

However as that is not very exciting I thought I would share some photographs of bees that I took in Chichester last Autumn plus one of a different sort of bee I took in my garden. 0550-bee-1The others are all square. 0550-bee-2-squareI love the veining on their wings. 0550-bee-3-squareThey are so delicate 0550-bee-4-squarewith frilly edges.0550-bee-5-squareAnd such fluffy bodies!0550-bee-6-squareI think these are what are called white tailed bees. 0550-bee-7And one (I think it is a honey bee) from my garden.0550-bee-one-square Except the first, that is on a buddleia plant, they are all taken while feeding on sedum plants.

Monochrome Madness offerings

All these photographs are the ones sent to ‘Monochrome Madness’ so will enlarge if you click on them.

This year the Photo Challenge has rather distracted me from working on monochrome photographs but I have managed to send in fourteen pictures over the last few months. rainbow-junkie-3-1-beeI love photographing bees and take every opportunity to do so. This a part of a photograph I took at Criccieth.

rainbow-junkie-3-3-cityI missed a week and I think this was probably a theme week – City. I expect you can recognise that this was taken in London.

rainbow-junkie-3-4-cameliaThis is the first of a few flower photgraphs I worked on. It was a camelia that had fallen off a bush just up the road from me.

rainbow-junkie-3-5-bee-in-flowerAnother bee photograph as well as a flower one!

rainbow-junkie-3-6-mahoniaThis is a mahonia flower. There is a bush I pass when going to the bus stop.

rainbow-junkie-3-7-closedAnother theme week I think – Closed. This is the door of the nearer of the two churches in my parish.

rainbow-junkie-3-10-roseMissed two weeks this time but found another of my flower photographs (I love photographing flowers as well as bees!) This time a white rugosa rose.

rainbow-junkie-3-15-roseFour weeks missed. This is a white and deep pink rose that I found quite delightful.

rainbow-junkie-3-16-movementI think this must have been a theme week too – Movement. Taken on the day I went to Christchurch.

rainbow-junkie-3-18-ceilingMissed a week. Thought that this ceiling looked even better in monochrome. You will find it in the West Gate museum in Winchester.

rainbow-junkie-3-22-the-butteryAnother three weeks missed. My visit to Chichester last summer. When I stopped for a coffee and something to eat. I think it was called ‘The Buttery’.

rainbow-junkie-3-31-beautifulEight weeks missing this time; becoming a real struggle to even remember to send in something. Another photograph from Chichester. An art exhibition in the Cathedral.

rainbow-junkie-3-32-in-the-woodsManaged to remember. A monochrome version of one of the photographs taken when finding a Photo Challenge photograph for ‘Wild’. Taken on Southampton Common with my phone.

rainbow-junkie-3-37-turretsGave up trying for the next four weeks but this is the first of this year. Taken last summer at St Catherine’s Chapel, Abbotsbury.

I hope to manage to find something every week from now on!

December Montage

This last month the topics for the Photo Challenge have been Creation, Wrap, Music and Spirit. I think it is obvious which is which. I also showed you the crochet seahorses I had made and wrote a final post about shower puffs with some alternatives.montage1612I moved on to a post about making marzipan fruits and a peek at some more of my Christmas baking. Then finished with a Christmas wish for all of you and a photograph of my knitted nativity scene that now comes out every year.

Photo Challenge – Spirit

I have a lounge and a kitchen/diner. My entry this week is a photograph of an A4 poster that I made to go on the side of the fridge/freezer, so I could see it when seated at the table. Quite old now as you can see from the wrinkles!

It is of what is probably my favourite text from the whole of the bible. photo-challenge-1652-spiritI like it because it speaks of God as ever present, close, just waiting for a response.

The Spirit is very important in my life and I don’t know how I would cope without the spirit’s support. (Not as well frankly!)