One a week Photo Challenge – Bird

There not being a lot of visible birds round here this was the best I could do.

I hear lots of blackbirds morning and night and there’s evidence of birds flying over my paving, probably big ones like pigeons, but no birds hopping around.

However on Tuesday when I was sitting in The Hawthorns Café on Southampton Common after the walk I remember the local Robin. I wasn’t sitting at the best table for seeing him but I got up and followed him as he hopped around the paving looking for crumbs.

This was taken with my phone while he was under a table. He didn’t like me getting too close so this is pixel for pixel what the camera took: hence the quality!

Flower portraits

I find it hard to take good photographs of my flower beds but I do love taking close ups of individual flowers, so I am going to share a few flower ‘portraits’ of some of the current flowers in my garden.

First some landscape portraits in alphabetical order

Allium (this is the Cristophe variety)AlliumThen one of the Clematis, (This is called Lemon Dream.)ClematisLily of the Valley. Lily of the ValleyA Pansy (sold last Autumn as winter pansies.) PansyAnd a Wallflower (also bought last Autumn). WallflowerAnd now a couple of square ones

Apple blossom in full flower. Apple blossomLithodora Diffusa (This variety is called Grace Ward.)Lithodora Diffusa (Grace Ward)Though if anything I prefer the one called ‘Heavenly Blue’ which I also have. Lithodora Diffusa (Heavenly Blue)A slightly more turquoise shade of blue!

And a pansy’s face close up.

Monthly Montage – April

In April I shared quite a lot of photographs.

There were a few from my garden, four from the Photo Challenge: pond, lunch, arch and nature. I also shared my recent entries for Monochrome Madness. Easter was the big event of the month and I shared my Easter never-ending card, gave away some crochet cross bookmarks I had made, in a Giveaway, and showed you a couple of photographs of the Battenburg cake I made instead of a simnel cake this year.

Last but not least, I shared my latest ideas for Celtic cross bookmarks that had grown out of my Celtic plaitwork bookmarks, a pattern for a Celtic placemat to match my Celtic coasters and a neat pack-away string bag that I made from someone else’s pattern.

All things Celtic is very much my obsession of the moment.

Monochrome Madness Collection

I don’t always manage to send something off for Monochrome Madness every week these day but here are the last eleven photographs I sent for the last few months of Year 3.

These are the actual photographs I sent so they are will all display a little larger if you click on them.Tram rideThe above was taken while riding a tram down to Seaton in Devon.

The next is a view of Chichester Cathedral Chichester Cathedral and this a blue clematis in my garden taken last September.ClematisI think the one below was a theme week, with the theme of ‘Reflection’.Reflection They have recently expanded the West Quay shopping and general leisure area of Southampton and I was rather taken with the shape of the buildings, so the next two are both from there.Building West QuayI thought this goose we saw while waiting for a bus back to Weymouth last summer made a good photograph.goose This was a rather splendid engraved monument in London and I thought catching the reflection of the bridge in the background added to the effect.EngravingThis was taken the same evening and is looking across the river at the Shard.The Shard More from London. This was a detail off the plinth of a statue of Arthur Sullivan in a park near the north end of Waterloo Bridge.

Another theme. This time ‘Culture’.'Culture'There were lots of these City of London dragons around the place and I thought they were rather splendid, so I had to take some photographs.Dragon But it was quite hard to find an angle where the background wasn’t too distracting.

Hope you enjoyed these photographs.

Monochrome Madness now enters it’s fourth year!

One a week Photo Challenge – Nature

Ah! how to encapsulate nature in one photograph?

View of fields and mountain
If you click on the photo you can see a bigger version which shows the beauty even more clearly

Of course one cannot, but instead of giving you a collection of photographs that show different aspects of nature, I will share just this one photograph that seemed to me at the time to encapsulate the true beauty of nature as found in Britain. In this case in Wales, near Tywyn.

I took it when I was on my second holiday in the area when out on a walk.

One a week Photo Challenge – Arch

This is the photograph I have chosen for this week’s challenge. View through old arch at DurnsteinIt was taken when my daughter and I were on the Danube cruise at Durnstein. It is one I have not shared with you before.

I had so many other arch photographs to chose from though that I have used before.

There was this Another arch at Durnsteinanother one taken at Durnstein.

This one from EsztergomArched walkway at Esztergomthat is quite a collection of arches.

And a lovely flowered arch from MottisfontRose arch at Mottisfonttaken when I visited the rose garden one June.



Quick garden post!

I couldn’t resist giving you a quick update on changes in the garden.

The wallflowers that I planted to keep the cats off the place where I am going to plant a daphne have come into flower and make a colourful show!            WallflowersThe pansies that equally were planted to keep a spot for some lavender are flowering again though I can see the slugs are having a field day! Pansies and forget-me-notsThe forget-me-nots that I love are flourishing.

The apple tree not only is coming into leaf but has blossom. apple blossomI know I must not let the tree produce apples this year but I will enjoy the blossom.

And finally: the clematis that I showed you in an earlier post (taken last September)clematis last Septemberalready has lots of new buds. clematis buds

One a week Photo Challenge – Pond

Always one to be pedantic. I looked up the definition of pond to see how it differed from that of a lake.

Google gave me this for pond:- “a small body of still water formed naturally or by artificial means.”

THIS gives a detailed explanation of the difference but basically it appears to be about depth rather than size.

So in order to be on the safe side I chose this picture that I took recently in London. Ornamental pondThis ornamental pond is in Victoria Embankment Gardens, the part next to Savoy Place, near the north end of Waterloo Bridge.

I also took a picture of this little chap that you can’t see in the above photograph because he is hidden by the tree fern. Ornamental figure in pond