Photo Challenge – Thrift

I can never hear the word ‘thrift’ without thinking of the old threepenny bit (pronounced (thrip-any) that showed a picture of the sea thrift plant – a play on words for the idea of saving them.

So of course when they ceased to be legal tender, I just had to pop one in my impromptu coin collection.

Fortunately my camera is small and light and can be operated with one hand so I am not reduced to using only archive photographs.

So here is a photograph of my saved threepenny bit. threepenny bit


Photo Challenge – Lane

When people hear the word ‘Lane’ I would guess that they tend to think of country lanes. Well, when I have had the time, the weather hasn’t been suitable for going out and trying to photograph country lanes, though I would have liked to. So I had to think of something else.

I remembered the proverb “It’s a long lane that has no turning.” and thought about a long lane in Southampton that has a few wiggles but nothing you would call a proper turn – Hill Lane.

Hill Lane is about 3m that is almost two miles long and goes from the top of Southampton Common down almost as far as Southampton Central railway station.

Well of course you cannot capture the whole of a lane like that in one photograph but on Tuesday, after going for my weekly walk on the Common, I went across to the point near Bellemoor Road where you can see the whole of the top quarter of Hill Lane and took this photograph.

Of course Hill Lane rather belies the proverb!!

July Montage

In July I only offered two photographs for the Photo Challenge: Pair and Waste. None of the topics seemed particularly easy this month. I did also share some photographs of the  guest house and a few flowers from my Dorchester trip.

July montageOtherwise I shared a lot of crochet but no knitting. Not that I have been doing no knitting this months as I have in fact been making a pair of socks for my granddaughter.

I showed you the tiny pot holder I made for fun and the little case I made for a GPS dongle. I also showed you my attempts at devising a Celtic hot pad and my improved Celtic bookmark. I bought some new yarn from some of which I made the Celtic Coaster style hot pad and the inner of the bookmark.

Photo Challenge – Waste

I couldn’t get too excited about the topic ‘waste’ and didn’t want to photograph my rubbish but then looking at the little pile of ends on my work table in the sitting room gave me an idea.

This is something I have shown before but is something made from these waste ends that I am still collecting to make something even bigger. Photo Challenge photographAnd this is the one my granddaughter made. Granddaughter's bowlShe insisted that the strands had to line up!!

Photo Challenge – Cross

Just managed to fit in an entry for this week. My Dorset Adventure posts are taking so much time and I haven’t even found time to think of monochrome!

As a Christian the first meaning of the word ‘cross’ that comes to mind is obvious.

This is from the archives and was taken on the hill above Lourdes when it was very, very misty up there.

The above is actually a monochrome version but you could hardly tell the difference from the original colour version.


Photo Challenge – Favourite

Now when I was about five or six I would lie in bed at night and work out what was my favourite flower, tree, bird, animal, …………. because I felt that it helped me understand the sort of person that I was. However I have not played those sort of games for a long, long time and have come to appreciate the amazing variety that life offers. After all, although blue is my designated ‘favourite colour’, I am a Rainbow Junkie after all and even if you say ‘blue’ which shade of blue?

However I did realise that over the years I have often had a favourite mug. Of course favourite mugs don’t stay favourite for ever; they get knocked against the tap or the handles fall off!

I do have an awful lot of mugs but when I began to think of favourites I realised that at present I have two sets of mugs that are a bit special. One was a set of china mugs that I bought in Salisbury market which have a theme of teddy bears. There are the ‘breakfast bears’, ‘teatime bears’ and ‘bedtime bear’s, and also ‘playtime bears’ and ‘musical bears’. More recently I have bought the latest Disney ‘original Pooh’ mugs.

In both of these sets, although I like them all I do have a favourite.

So here is a photograph of those two favourites. And as an aside: my favourite shade of blue is probably somewhere in this photograph.

One a week Photo Challenge – Stationary

Checking that I had the correct meaning of stationary (and not the paper variety) I pondered what one might take.

I came up with this. Photo Challenge - StationaryAlso taken on the Common after I had photographed the bicycle for last week. You can see that bicycles were still on my mind as the previous photograph might also have counted as ‘Stationary’.

There were two bicycles but then it would have been a very low wide photograph.