One a week Photo Challenge – Historical

It wasn’t too hard to find a photograph for this subject so here it is:- This is from the displays of things from the Mary Rose. This is a slightly cut down photograph from the original post HERE. A collection of items needed by a ship’s surgeon.

I also looked out this photograph that wasn’t included in the original post: less interesting perhaps but I rather liked it.

One a week Photo Challenge – Spiral

Finding it hard to find time to join in with this years Photo Challenge but here are a couple of photographs on the subject of ‘spiral’.

Not the best photograph maybe but then we were in process of going down the stairs and not meant to be stopping! The better spiral one though.There was a mirror in the centre at the bottom.

This is the one I shared as part of my Danube trip. Same staircase looking up rather than down. Perhaps you can see how that creates the reflection in the previous photograph.

I myself am rather partial to multiple spirals. Like this bedcover my mother made for me. And the cloth I made for my dining table. Snowflake cloth

December Montage

This last month the topics for the Photo Challenge have been Creation, Wrap, Music and Spirit. I think it is obvious which is which. I also showed you the crochet seahorses I had made and wrote a final post about shower puffs with some alternatives.montage1612I moved on to a post about making marzipan fruits and a peek at some more of my Christmas baking. Then finished with a Christmas wish for all of you and a photograph of my knitted nativity scene that now comes out every year.

Photo Challenge – Spirit

I have a lounge and a kitchen/diner. My entry this week is a photograph of an A4 poster that I made to go on the side of the fridge/freezer, so I could see it when seated at the table. Quite old now as you can see from the wrinkles!

It is of what is probably my favourite text from the whole of the bible. photo-challenge-1652-spiritI like it because it speaks of God as ever present, close, just waiting for a response.

The Spirit is very important in my life and I don’t know how I would cope without the spirit’s support. (Not as well frankly!)

Photo Challenge – Music

As music is something one hears rather than sees I wasn’t sure at first what to do here but in the end I decided on this. photo-challenge1651-musicThese are a tape and CDs that my son has made for me over the years of him playing the piano.

I am very proud of my son because, from xylophone to mini keyboard to bigger keyboards to piano he taught himself to play.

When he went to university I missed his playing. We had a proper piano now. We had bought it cheaply but it had a lovely tone.

Photo copied (and stretched to proper dimensions) from CD cover

So he put a microphone on the piano and made the ‘Decimations’ tape. Later with an electronic piano

Electronic piano in his Council flat because other was too big to move

it was easier because you could use line out and he made me CDs for various occasions.

The Greatest Hits Vol 1 is actually a compilation I made of my favourites from the “Decimations”, “When I’m 62” and “Mother’s Day 2007” CDs. Michael then went off and replayed all the pieces (plus a couple of extra ones) and made the similar looking CD you can see below it! (I made the covers for these two.)

The DVD case contains three (and now four) CDs of different sorts of music! My latest gift. And the “When I’m 62” CD didn’t work anymore and it was one of my favourites so he made me a new copy! So happy.

Photo Challenge – Creation

When I think of the word creation, my first thought is not of those things that I create but of God’s creation. Now putting all of that into a one photograph is a bit difficult and even if a photograph including the night sky might hint at something, night skys are very disappointing in the middle of a city.

But then I thought of the poem by William Blake (the first few lines of “Auguries of Innocence”)

Where he writes:
“To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.”

So I will try to capture the wonder of the whole of creation in an image of just a tiny part of it. photo-challenge1649-creationJust look at the amazing detail in the humble spider.

I have never been able to take a really good photograph of a spider’s web but this is maybe the best one. 0534-spider-webAfter all this too is a creation – of a spider!

November Montage

The Photo Callenge topics for this month were: Hunt, Socks, Wild and Still. I found the first and fourth quite hard. As an aside – we had our first frost and now the fuchsia is a sorry sight!montage1611I managed to fit in both knitting – my cowl and crochet – my latest blanket that is a more symmetrical version of my original Granny Ripple. I tried to show why I consider it more symmetrical.

Surprisingly two of my posts related to cards – the two cross stitch Christmas cards I have made and a ‘never-ending card’ for someone’s birthday.

Photo Challenge – Still

I do find it much easier when the subject of these challenges is a noun. Whenever it is a adjective or another part of speech I struggle.

Of course ‘still’ can be a noun but the first meaning that comes to mind is that of the equipment needed for distilling! so I decided I had to look elsewhere.

Although it is beginning to get much colder I noticed that my fuchsia is ‘still’ flowering and so that is what I chose for a photograph. photo-challenge1648-still


Photo Challenge – Wild

I suppose there are many ways one can interpet wild but the word reminded me the the last verse of Gerald Manley Hopkins’ poem “Iversnaid”:

What would the world be, once bereft
Of wet and of wildness? Let them be left,
O let them be left, wildness and wet;
Long live the weeds and the wilderness yet.

I didn’t see myself being able to go out and find real wilderness but I happened to be on Southampton Common last week and although the common is managed there are plenty of areas that are left wild. I didn’t have my camera with me but the photographs my phone takes are good enough at this sort of resolution, as long as I don’t want to do anything fancy, so here is my chosen photograph for the challenge. photo-challenge1647-wildI cropped this to my preferred 4×3 format but my phone takes 16×9 format and here are four others that were in the running.

The first place I stopped0530-wild-2The one I thought was prettiest. 0530-wild-3One of the wildest. 0530-wild-4And one with interesting branches.0530-wild-5