Monthly Montage February

Lately I have had so many other posts to share that this is a bit delayed but finally here is my February Montage.

In February, I began by showing a large number of photographs of bees I had taken in the Autumn. Then I showed you a floor cloth I had crocheted, even though it was mundane and my crochet orchids. Later I shared a pattern, including a chart, showing how to make the orchids.

Lastly I showed you the hat I had made to match the cowl and told you about some of the tribulations I had had along the way.

Monthly Montage January

I suddenly realised that here it was March and I hadn’t done a Monthly Montage for January or February.

So here at least is January’s.

In January I was able to show you the Womble and little bear I had made as Christmas presents. I also did a review of my more recent offerings for Monochrome Madness and the knitting & crochet and other crafting I had done in 2016. I told you that I was only planning to post once a week in order to leave more time for other things but managed to finish my temperature scarf and a fair isle cowl.

October Montage

This last month the topics for the Photo Challenge were: Button, Mystery, Autumn, Zig-zag and Monster. I also shared photographs of two outings. One was to Seaton in Devon (actually to ride on trams) where I shared some photographs showing the evolution of a wave and the other to the Isle of Wight for a Beer and Buses Festival.montage1610For crochet: I shared a pattern of my latest ‘real snowflake’ and the ones I made to sell in a charity shop. For knitting: I showed you how the colours had gone for my temperature scarf over the summer.

Monthly Montage – September

Although I have been knitting none appears in this month’s montage! The Photo Challenge topics were: Courage, Rich, Deep and Above. I expect you can work out which was which. September montageQuite a bit of photography this month as I also gave you two posts about my holiday in Weymouth with my granddaughter. These did include the trial for a possible crochet scarf. The posts seemed to come in twos all of a sudden with my also giving you two posts on my attempts at a crochet shower puff.

Monthly Montage – August

This month there have been five topics for the Photo Challenge: Water, Summer, Street, River and Roof. I have also shared photographs of my garden: before during and after the paving was laid and a few photographs of changes I have made since.August montageHowever there has been some knitting and crochet. I finished my crochet cushion cover and shared pictures of both sides and I also finished a soft red alpaca knitted scarf which I gave to my daughter

Monthly Montage – July

This month there were photographs for another four topics for the Photo Challenge: Repeat, Round, Zest and Strength. I also put together a photo post about a trip to Christchurch and Mudeford.July montageHowever I did manage to fit in some knitting and crochet with an update on my temperature scarf, now half-way to completion, and a reveal of the squares for a new cushion cover and three ways that they could be arranged.


Monthly Montage – June

The topics for this month’s Photo Challenge were: Headgear, Native, Heat and Play, as you can see on the right.

June seems to have been the month for sewing as I finished the trousers I cut out last autumn and made a pattern for a bean bag book support which I then created in some scraps of fabric I had from last summer’s dressmaking.June montageI also finished one side of a crochet cushion cover. Although there is no knitting on show, I have been continuing to work on my ‘temperature scarf’ and will show you half a year next week.

Monthly Montage – May

Not much crafting to show you this month. Just my completed bedjacket. This is partly because I have been trying to rest my wrists but I have in fact been doing more than it may appear because I have been continuing with my temperature scarf, started sewing up a crochet project and making an item I can’t show you because it is a present. I do think however that the photo challenge is absorbing a lot of creative energies and distracting me from crafting posts.Monthly montage MayThis month I have five entries for the “52 Week Photo Challenge”. The topics being: Layer (some Romanesco brocolli), Fern (obvious), Frivolous (fuchsia), Check (a king in check on a chess board) and Door (also fairly obvious).

I have also created two ‘garden update’ posts and one about my new iBeani tablet support.

April Montage

In April I did manage to share some on-going knitting with you and some crochet. The knitting included telling you about the mistake I had made with the readings for the temperature scarf and how it changed the way it looked as also the latest on my bed jacket jumper. The crochet was a pattern to crochet a ‘perfect’ circle and a tutorial on finishing the end.April montageI also shared my photographs for this months entries for the Photo Challenge: secret, path, reflection and work.

One other thing that wasn’t included above is that I shared the last three months entries for Monochrome Madness. Not a popular post but I am including a montage of all the photographs plus one I sent but didn’t appear in another montage below. Monochrome montageNot quite my usual montage as it isn’t square.

I thought that I wouldn’t have as many monochrome to share in future as I am finding it hard to find/create photographs for both this and the monthly challenge but I have put together a series of slightly arty flower photographs so maybe I can use those!

March Montage

In March I showed you a little bit of crochet at the start but mostly I have been knitting my jumper, though I did teach someone the beginnings of crochet one Friday. A lot of my time has been taken up with sorting out quotations for new paving in my garden and I shared a few old pictures to give you a taste of what it looked like up to recently when I cleared it out ready for repaving.March montageof course the Photo Challenge was a regular item and this month the topics were: solid, outline, Spring and friends. I did include a few other photographs in some of the posts like the magnolia in the Spring post. Lastly I wished everyone a Happy Easter and showed you the simnel cupcakes I had made.