Monthly Montage – June

Been so busy lately thinking about health matters (nothing to worry about everything is fine!) that I forgot all about a montage for June.

In June, I told you about the dinosaur I made for my Grandson’s birthday and a Never-Ending card I made for my granddaughter’s birthday.
June montageI also had a post about the tea cosy I want to make for my new teapot, some archive pictures concerned with Sunlight, more bread and garden photographs and the slippers I made for James. No Knitting this month, though I was knitting a pair of socks and am now in process of knitting another pair!

I do find these post very useful if I need to remember when I made something. I just choose at the option in the menu and browse.


April Montage

In April I once more shared a lot of cooking and flowers. There were the Hot Cross buns and Simnel muffins I made for Easter time and a couple of loaves of bread. The same ideal recipe but first as a Farmhouse loaf and then as more of a Bap shape. Now able to get out into the garden, from the middle of the month, I created a few flower portraits.April montageI also managed to fit in some knitting and crochet. I made one of my Celtic Coasters as an Easter present for someone who doesn’t like chocolate. (I know how can you not like chocolate!) And for knitting I made a pair of socks from the wool left over from two other pairs of socks made with similar yarn. I was pleased with how they turned out and aim to make similar socks with other leftover sock wool. Finally I manged to get round to completing my latest cushion.

And although I don’t normally add other things to my monthly montage posts. Since this replaces my normal Monday post, I will add some photographs of things that have made me happy this last weekend.

Here is yet another loaf of bread. Made from my favourite recipe: half white and half wholemeal this time. half and half breadAnd here is my breakfast! breakfast(Interestingly, I realised that although I don’t buy much organic produce, the flour for the bread, the peanut butter and the honey are all organic, either bought because I like it or because it was a good price.

And lastly a photograph of my apple tree full of blossom. apple treeThis is maybe my favourite time of year: seeing the apple blossom and the forget-me-nots and, in my previous garden, the bluebells, all at the same time.

Montage – March

Another month gone! This month had a little knitting and a lot of photographs of bread and snow. Not in the same photograph!

The knitting was the finished cable side of my cushion (and no I haven’t sewn the cushion up yet!) and a pair of rainbow socks. I also showed you the beginning of what I called a ‘hybrid’ pair of socks made with two lots of leftover sock yarn. Monthly montageI managed to sneak in five (I now realise!) photograph of different loaves. Three of white bread, one brioche and one wholemeal.

There was an incredible amount of snow (for Southampton) this month and I shared enumerable photographs of snow in my garden; not wonderful photographs just a record of conditions. I also talked about the need to prune the fuchsias with pictures. When I was able to get out I did take a few slightly more interesting snowy photographs.

Montage – January

At last I have put together the montage for January. I added December to the menu item but when I looked I discovered that all I shared in December was the November montage and a picture of my Christmas roses. So no normal montage for December.

In January I put together three montages for the best of my work in 2017. There were so many things I had made that I separated them out into Celtic crochet, other crochet and knitting.

I also shared all the cooking I had done in preparation for Christmas plus a recent loaf of bread.

January montageOf course I never got to celebrate Christmas as I was in hospital but I shared a quick post about that.

The only crafting I did was knitting. I showed you a pair of socks I had just finished and another pair I was just starting. Lovely easy knitting socks!

Monthly Montage: February

Looking back it does not appear that I did a regular monthly montage in December or January, though I did do an annual look back.

Being a perfectionist, I must remedy this for completeness, but now I will just give you my montage for February.

In February I only did a small amount of knitting. Continuing and completing a rainbow sock and then getting sidetracked into how I might use up the excess yarn for this pair and a previous pair in the same yarn. I also started a piece of cable knitting to be half a cushion cover.I did find time however for a little photography: first of flowers I had been given and then of some in my garden. I tried to enhance the photograph of a crocus to give an arty look.

I have got back to making bread and was so excited by it that I included a photograph of a loaf fresh from the oven!

Monthly Montage – November

Life has given me a few problems lately, so I have been spending my energies on them and not done much crafting, except a little simple knitting when in company.

However I felt that I should still create my normal Monthly Montage post.

I shared photographs for shop, walk and letter but although I took a photograph for light I did not get around to creating a post. Maybe I will share it below.Monthly montage - NovemberKnitting this month seemed to be all about hats: one for my daughter and two as Christmas presents for seamen. I crocheted a dishcloth and shared a free pattern and tutorial for what I called a “Beginner coaster”. And I slipped in a photograph of our success with an escape room.

This is my photograph for “Light” I had an archive one ready but when someone else shared similar I decided to choose this.

Photo Challenge - Light

They are the only flowers in my garden at present and are like a light in the darkness of winter!

Monthly Montage – October

Here is this month’s monthly montage. I submitted three photographs for the Photo Challenge this month. I omitted ‘Regal’ as I really didn’t know what to choose but I managed an entry for ‘Rust’, Muddle and Paint. On the knitting and crochet front, I tried out some ‘planned pooling’ with some mixed colour yarn I had left over from another project, and shared three finished crochet items. There was a new mug cosy, my Celtic cushion and my ripple blanket. I even had a special post about choosing the edging for this last one. The pattern for the Smooth Ripple is now on Ravelry. I also fitted in some photographs of things I had made with filo pastry.

Monthly Montage: July

In July I only offered two photographs for the Photo Challenge: Pair and Waste. None of the topics seemed particularly easy this month. I did also share some photographs of the  guest house and a few flowers from my Dorchester trip.

July montageOtherwise I shared a lot of crochet but no knitting. Not that I have been doing no knitting this months as I have in fact been making a pair of socks for my granddaughter.

I showed you the tiny pot holder I made for fun and the little case I made for a GPS dongle. I also showed you my attempts at devising a Celtic hot pad and my improved Celtic bookmark. I bought some new yarn from some of which I made the Celtic Coaster style hot pad and the inner of the bookmark.

Monthly Montage June

I offered photographs for three of the month’s Photo Challenge subjects: Favourite, Cross and Wave. Normally I try to arrange these photographs next to each other and in sequence but that was too tricky this month but I expect you can see which they were. Monthly montage JuneReally a lot of photographs this month as I also did an update on my garden and five posts about my visit to Dorset, though I have only included two of the photographs here.

Otherwise it was mostly crochet: more Celtic style coasters, some other recent makes and a request for pattern testers for my US version of the Real snowflakes.

Monthly Montage – April

In April I shared quite a lot of photographs.

There were a few from my garden, four from the Photo Challenge: pond, lunch, arch and nature. I also shared my recent entries for Monochrome Madness. Easter was the big event of the month and I shared my Easter never-ending card, gave away some crochet cross bookmarks I had made, in a Giveaway, and showed you a couple of photographs of the Battenburg cake I made instead of a simnel cake this year.

Last but not least, I shared my latest ideas for Celtic cross bookmarks that had grown out of my Celtic plaitwork bookmarks, a pattern for a Celtic placemat to match my Celtic coasters and a neat pack-away string bag that I made from someone else’s pattern.

All things Celtic is very much my obsession of the moment.