Busy, busy, busy.

Last week my grandaughter Louisa came to stay. We had a very busy week that included: crafting, playing computer games, visiting play parks, meeting up with uncles, aunt, and cousins, shopping and reading books. The first thing we did was to make some orange jelly and then later we made some lime jelly: all with real fruit juice and gelatine.

The lime jelly didn’t come out very green of course – perhaps I should have bought some colouring – but here are some orange rabbits and green ‘bushes’ all ready to be eaten. The lime jelly was voted as being even better than the orange.

We also did some handicrafts

Louisa went on with her knitting and started to make crochet chains but life was so busy I forgot to take any photographs.

However I did take photographs when we made our first doll as shown us on woolhogs’ blog.
We assembled all we needed, including some new yarn we bought to make more interesting crochet chains.

The piece of card was to help with making the hair.

And we ended up with a little Louisa.

With another doll made later a whole world and story could be created.

Louisa also did some embroidery – all her own design.

Then on Thursday we went to play with her cousins

She played Snakes and Ladders with Oliver but little brother wanted to join in.

At the beginning of the week we had made some cookies

Louisa enjoyed these so much we decided to make some more to take home.

Mummy and Daddy and James the lodger came to collect her on Saturday but before going home we all went out to Portsmouth for another day out……………………….

But that is another story.


WIP, a Problem and a question

I have finished the first of the white socks. I don’t know whether it is adequate to the purpose and I have discovered that these long white socks with turnovers are available on the web. You just have to search for ‘kilt hose’ instead of ‘knee length socks’ or indeed any sort of ‘socks’.

I discussed it with the person for whom I am making the socks and he did say it would be nice for all of the band to have the same socks. So I don’t know. Anyway I have shown him the sock to see if it even fits properly.

And I have got this far with the flower cloth that plays second fiddle to the socks. Which is about a quarter of the way through the central part.

Now the problem and question

It always seems amazing and wonderful when one is nominated for one of the blogger awards and I have recently been awarded the Versatile Blogger award for what is the fourth time and also the One Lovely Blog award for the first time and I must start to look for people to pass it on to but this gives rise to the problem and question which is:-

“How many blogs can one conveniently follow at once?”

Whenever I find a blog that seems worth recommending to others it is also a blog that I would be happy to follow. I am following all the fifteen blogs I found with the recommendations I fudged a bit for the first two nominations and was beginning to actively follow some of the ones I recommended last time around when I got the last two award nominations and suddenly found myself wondering when I would reach overload on blogs! and whether I would have to start to be super picky.

So I was hoping that some of you nice people out there could tell be how many blogs you manage to follow on a regular basis.

I would be ever so grateful for a little feedback here as I don’t want to follow too many and then have to start un-following blogs.

Two final things

There may have been a BIG notice up about not taking photos of the knitted and sewn ‘High Tea’ when I went to Mottisfont Abbey (mentioned in my last post) but for any one who is interested there are some photos HERE.  Maybe this was before they put up the notice.

And I had my first opportunity to try my Mint Jelly today. [see https://rainbowjunkiecorner.wordpress.com/2012/06/06/and-now-for-so…tely-different/ ] It was a little firmer than I had expected but otherwise was very good. (Actually when it was cooling, at one point I was afraid it wouldn’t set at all!)

And now for something completely different

I am proceeding with the socks and flower cloth but nothing interesting to show yet so I thought I would share another creative venture.

Mint Jelly

Most years about this time I admire the wonderful greenness of the mint and intend to do something with it but then realise either that it has flowered and gone to seed or in recent years that it’s been eaten up by caterpillars.

But this year I decided to make some mint jelly.

I assembled my ingredients:

a recipe I collected long ago off a gelatine sachet.

some mint



and some gelatine

I chopped the mint, put all except the gelatine in a saucepan and boiled it up.

While it was boiling I decided to wraps some presents.

My youngest grandchild s being baptised this coming Sunday so I have bought him a christening present.

Pewter money box

and as I will also see my granddaughter and her parents on Sunday, I wrapped up the special present I have been making for her birthday as well, as I can give it them on Sunday and avoid having to post it.

Now the mint jelly is in the jars and cooling.

I didn’t remove the mint as I am sure that will make it tastier and I didn’t add colour as I don’t like the violent green (or the excessive sweetness) of the shop variety.

All I need now is some nice roast lamb to eat it with.

Well, I was really busy last week

I haven’t had any time for blogging this week because I have had my granddaughter staying with me.

We have been very busy and apart from everyday things we have:-

Continued with knitting practice.

I am teaching her to knit but it isn’t as easy as it might be because she lives a long way away and so we only have time together every few months. But she is very keen and beginning to grow in confidence.

We also made some origami figures:-

We each made half of the Ninja Star but my granddaughter decided I had to do the final folding.  In the end we made two of different sizes but both times I found working out how to fold in the two pieces to get the final result totally baffling, till I somehow managed to get it right!

We baked some of the sultana oat cookies I posted about:-

We made double quantities of mixture, rolled them and made the balls quite small and placed them well apart on baking trays.

Then we pressed them with a fork

cooked them

and left them to cool on a rack.

All together we ended up with forty five cookies – scrumptious :-).

Then we made a cake for Sunday tea.

Earlier in the week we had also made some rabbit and ‘bush’ shaped jellies out of fruit juice and gelatine using these moulds.

– Much better than the packet sort of jelly!

We went shopping and played in the play park by the new Sainsbury’s.

We visited the cousins – twice!

And played computer games.

But then we had to say goodbye till next time.