Socks and a Blanket

This is all I have for you this morning, I am afraid.

Still doing less knitting and crochet than normal but have managed to do the small amount of knitting and crochet to finish the socks for my granddaughter and complete the main body of my Symmetrical Granny Ripple blanket.

I am going to add the pattern for the blanket to Ravelry when I have finished it but am not sure what to call it. My original Granny Ripple blanket is called “Soft Granny Ripple” though that name was not chosen by me but the lady who persuaded me to let her put it on Ravelry.

So here are the sock for my granddaughter. Short ones, as requested. socksThe yarn is Regia (One of my favourite makes of sock yarn). Nothing much on the ball band. Colour 0525 which I have found on-line called Papillion. I think I must have picked it up in Hobbycraft as my other sock yarns seemed a bit dingy for a teenager.

And here is the body of my “sea and sand” colour blanket body of blanketbased on the four times fourteen rows that form almost half of the blanket I made for my daughter. Completed sea and sand blanket

Stylecraft Special DK in the following fourteen colours:-

White, silver, parchment, camel, mocha, turquoise, sherbet, aspen, teal, royal, bluebell, denim, aster, cloud blue.

selection of yarnsAs with my other sea and sand blanket, I am not going to fill in the ripples, but have not finally decided on the edging.


Granny Ripple Blanket great reveal!

I have finally finished my ‘random’ granny ripple blanket.

Here it is. Blanket completedThe light here when I had finished it and wanted to take a photograph was absolutely awful but I found that with the bright celing light I now have in the sitting room I managed to get these photographs! and more evenly lit than if I had only used the light from the patio door!

The only slight issue I have with it is the edging.

Now my instincts (or should I say simple maths) made me wonder how a border that inserted four or five stitches every three was going to lay flat but I wanted a border that repeated every three stitches and the picture in the book looked flat Edging pictureand it was a professionally produced pattern so I was confident it would all work out in the end.

But no, it is not completely flat. Of course this is in part down to the way I fudged it round the ripples and the fact that I used four trebles per double row down the sides (though that is the correct number).

Perhaps you can see this here Blanket straight borderand here. Blanket scallop borderIt is almost flat and can be locally flat.

So do I rip it all out and see if changing the way I worked round the ripples and working three wide-topped trebles down the side will give it that perfect flat look or do I leave it?

It never has to lie flat and it isn’t really a problem but I just can’t decide.

Here it is lying on the settee, Blanket on the setteedraped over a chair Blanket drapped over a chairand here is a ‘selfie’ (I can’t say I like the term) that I took with my tablet. Blanket selfie

And just a few statistics

I started the blanket when I came home from the Danube cruise in September so it has only taken a little over four months to complete. Much quicker than earlier blankets but it has been my main project in that time.

I was aiming for 3ft x 6ft but it has turned out more like 3ft 6ins x 7ft. This is more to do with the length than the width since that was the aim before the border.

More than enough yarn for the body

I used sixteen 100g balls of Stylecraft Special DK in the following colours

Plum, Lipstick, Pomegranate, Shrimp, Spice, Saffron, Citron, Spring Green, Meadow, Sage, Aspen, Turquoise, Cloud Blue, Aster, Violet, Wisteria for the body of the blanket.Yarn for blanket and edging

I repeated each colour set six times which gave 96 double rows. I had enough left over to realise that fourteen balls would have been enough (repeated seven times) but I am using the leftover yarn for a cushion cover.

Not enough for the border

I bought two balls of the same yarn in Silver and Lavender for the border but that was based on a very rough estimate of going round twice with each colour.

After the first round of Silver I decided a row of dcs (US – scs) would make a firmer basis for the edging and so I was not entirely surprised when I ran out a couple of feet before the end of the last Silver row. Luckily I had a small leftover ball from an earlier blanket and could finish with that.

With the Lavender I ran out a couple of inches before the end of the second round and had to buy another ball to finish that and do the final dc round. Though after what happened with the Silver I was not surprised.

I know I blew a bit hot and cold about it during the making but now I love it and there is enough winter left to get in some good snuggling before summer comes.

Granny Ripple blanket – body complete

Here is the main body of my latest granny ripple blanket completed. Body of blanket done (So hard to get a good photograph this weather.)

Keeping to my playing with the colours and trying to have as few sequence repeats as possible while remaining harmonious, I did work towards a certain mirroring for the later part to offset what had seemed to be unbalanced in the first part. if that makes sense!

In the event. I slightly underestimated the size and over estimated the amount of yarn I would need.

So the 3ft x 6ft that I expected at this stage is now more 3ft 3ins x 6ft 3ins and I thought that each ball of yarn would only give me six completed double rows but in fact I think it would have stretched to seven of each colour without any risk of running out.

However that is quite good as I will use the remaining yarn to make a cushion cover.

I am planning a fairly subdued border as I don’t want it to up-stage the body. I am using one of the borders from this book. Crochet edgings book Most of the borders in it are very ornate but this Edgingseemed to echo the main body to a certain extent and in fact I could almost have worked it out for myself. Will have to modify the corners though as I have decided to leave the ripple ends.

I will be using silver and lavender.

Another blanket update!

Up to now my knitting and crochet posts have mostly been on Mondays with extra posts on Thursday or maybe Saturday as well. Now I am taking part in the Photo Challenge. I will be doing that on Mondays and my craft posts will be on Thursdays. I may do the occasional poetry post which could be anytime!

So this is just a quick craft post between Christmas and New Year.

I am getting on well with the blanket.

Maybe I should have finished by now but since I can snuggle under it while I work on it maybe that doesn’t matter!

Almost seven eighths completedI am actually beginning to be pleased with it now it has developed more variety. Just about another nineteen colours to go. That’s about thirty-eight rows.

Quick blanket update

The light hasn’t been good lately so my attempt at a photograph halfway through the making of the main part of the blanket left all the colours looking awful.

I had a brief spell of better light a few days ago so I jumped in and took a photograph.

And here it is. Blanket just over halfway Just a bit over half way. I should have been further ahead but I am having to rest my wrists quite a lot.

Not sure if I should have had more of the darker colours in that mid section but will have to wait to see till it is finished.

I finished my waistcoat! (+ blanket update)

Actually I finished it a while a go but since it is for the winter it seemed appropriate to delay the reveal till the weather was colder.

So here it is finished. Finished waistcoat

And here I am wearing it. Waistcoat being wornIt is far from perfect. I found a few mistakes when I came to pick up stitches for the border, but luckily the mistakes are not obvious. I also think that I should maybe have picked up a few more for the front bands as they are a bit taut but it will do.

Another  thing I am not sure of is the buttons. I like the ones I chose but I might have preferred smaller ones. I followed the pattern but for smaller buttons I should have cast off one stitch not two.

I now have lots of hand-made tops to wear with my jumpers. As I have these too!

Mohair shrugCrochet shrug
It’s definitely cold enough to need them!

I even used what I have finished of my blanket to help keep my legs warm the other day while I worked on another angel.

I have now completed one third of the body of my latest blanket.First third of granny ripple blanketI alternate between loving it and thinking that I chose too many colours and it is much too flaboyant and I should have left out yellow and orange shades. I am reserving final judgement though until it is finished.

Another Ripple Blanket

[This is what I might have shared last Monday but it means I have completed much more of the blanket.]

Now I’m back from holiday I’ve finally started my winter snuggle blanket, using my granny ripple pattern and sixteen different colours of yarn, as I showed you.

Here are the balls for the body of the blanket in my crochet bag.All the yarn for the body of the blanketAnd here are the sticks with the yarn on them laid out as chosen for the first sixteen rows – starting from the bottom up. Colours of first rowsI am going to use the colours sixteen rows at a time in a planned order (as opposed to totaly random!) but I am not going to follow as many lesser rules as I tried to do with my sea and sand ripple blanket.

Of course it wouldn’t be me would it? if I didn’t involve my computer in there somewhere and I wanted to see what the final blanket could be like!

[Well I didn’t use my computer for the sea and sand blanket but there the colour palette was more limited so I just tried to concentrate on emulating beaches I have known and not repeating myself!]

I was worried about not getting a balance between different colour toned areas over the whole blanket and also was so enjoying trying out different colour selections with the sticks.

So here you see a first try at choosing more than one colour set at once. Colour ideas for first three setsand a possible final blanket. [I didn’t try to add the ripples! and no it is not the same as above.]Whole blanket trial planI do reserve the right to change my plan as I go on! 🙂

And here is the blanket so far. Just the first colour mix of sixteen shades.Blanket so far


Sea and Sand blanket completed

I’ve just had a very exhausting but fun  week with my granddaughter but I have so many photographs to show you that I need a bit more time so I decided that I will show you something that I completed just before my granddaughter arrived.

My sea and sand blanket

Here it is folded up on the camphor wood chest.

Finished blanket folded

It is a miserable day today but luckily when I had finished the body of the blanket it was bright and dry so I took a photograph of the whole thing on some outside paving below a window.

Body of blanket completed
This will enlarge for a closer look!

I wanted to give it a border and my first thought was to use white but then I thought that white may get grubby easily and spoil the look so I settled for turquoise.

A row of crab stitches
Edge of hexagon blanket
Spectrum ripple blanket
Spectrum ripple blanket

My first thought had been to use crab stitch as in my hexagon blanket but I tried a small sample and it didn’t work.
I also wanted this border to enhance rather than detract from the ripply nature of the blanket so far from filling in the ripples to give a straight border as I had done with my spectrum ripple blanket, I did a couple of rows of double crochet (US – sc) along the ripples and created a ripply edge up the sides.

Blanket with ripple edge

The pattern does have a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ side.

Right –

Right side of blanketand Wrong –

Wrong side of blanket

But they are both attractive.

I think that this pattern makes a really lovely blanket and I hope my daughter likes it.

My Spectrum Granny Ripple blanket is finished!

I have finally finished my Spectrum Granny Ripple blanket after almost a year, just in time for winter!

I had expected that it would take me a few more days because I had planned a few more rows for the border but when I had completed the last of the spectrum rows I knew that that was it and I am so pleased with it.

It was hard to find somewhere to spread it out but here is a photograph of the whole blanket that (unlike my usual photographs) will enlarge if you want a closer look.

And a view from the foot of the bed


In many ways the colours are best in this picture. The light was soooo bad when I wanted to take these photos.

And another closer look.


I do have plans for another blanket, for my younger daughter this time: something she can snuggle up on the sofa with but I am not going to start it yet, maybe in the Spring.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

And not totally unrelated……..

You may remember some time ago I shared with you the phone cover I had made for my son.


He had had a free choice of both stitches and colours but a few weeks ago he told me that he had decided that the phone cover was rather boring and he wished he had asked for one like the rainbow one I had made.


So once I had finsihed my spectrum blanket, I used some of the scraps that were left over to make a new cover for him using the same number of rows and stitches as previously.

For speed and ease, I used the same cotton inner lining which I unstitched from the original cover and re stitched to the new.0197-phonecover2

100 snowflakes

No I haven’t made 100 snowflakes but a few weeks ago I saw this book in a bookshop

Now I’ve worked up a few snowflake patterns myself but there is no way I would have time to create 100 different ones.

The snowflakes in this book are all proper snowflakes with six sides and they are not excessively lacey like some I’ve seen which would make them too far from real snowflakes.

So of course I just had to buy the book.

Last Christmas I showed some of my snowflakes on my display tree.


But this year I wanted to make many, many snowflakes in crochet cotton. I had some variegated blue and white #10 crochet cotton so I decided to start with that.

So far I have made three from my patterns for ‘easy real snowflakes’


And four from the book


I had intended originally to start at the beginning but I decided to take the cotton with me to make some while I was in Spain and photocopied a few pages.


But as I hadn’t wanted to press the book down too hard some patterns were easier to read than others, so I will have to start back at the beginning now I am home.

As they are made from cotton and some of the ones from the book are harder to shape than mine, I made a template to help me pin them out ready to spray with starch and iron.


Annoyingly I couldn’t find my geometry set but I think this is good enough.

I think maybe I could have done better with the shaping but as I have noted before, real snowflakes are not perfectly symmetrical.

Unfortunately this is going to have to be a fill-in project to be done on the bus and in odd moments as I am trying to finish the border on my spectrum granny ripple blanket so I can use it.


and have just started to join the CAL squares.

Sneak preview –


No! I am not blocking them. I will give it a careful iron when I have finished,