Giveaway Winners

You may remember that I offered these three crosses as a Giveaway. Thee crochet crossesWell sixteen people entered and I did the choosing today.

I know a lot of people use some sort of electronic chooser but I don’t quite trust things like that and like to do it the old fashioned way. However having put all the names on a list I did decide that it was easier to write numbers rather than names on slips of card. Numbered cardsAnd the numbers I drew out showed that the winners were……….

Chosen numbers

Now 16 belonged to Patricia Lang and I am not sure if she wanted one but I had included her at the end just in case. I have sent her an email but not had a reply, so, rather than delay an announcement, I decided to draw another card and I will make Patricia one if she had meant to enter. Chosen numbers plus extraSo now the list is:-

Carol D



Ann Slay

I have sent each of you an email to request your postal address.

Here are the crosses with cords and tassels. Crosses with cords and tassels


Easter Giveaway

Following on from my making lots of Celtic crosses I have decided to offer three of them as a Giveaway. Three Celtic crossesOne each to three people.

This is open to anyone anywhere.

All you have to do is comment at the bottom of this post saying which of the three you would prefer.

I think that all would be suitable as bookmarks though the plain red cross is the thinnest.

If you would like me to add a cord and tassel as I have done to this one that I made for myself Celtic cross with tasseljust say so in your comment.

The Giveaway is open till the Second Sunday of Easter (23rd April) when I will choose the winners.

Giveaway winners

Three angelsWell on Saturday, as promised, I chose three names at random and they turned out to be




F Arthur.

Since I have your email addresses from your comments I will be sending each of you an email to request a postal address (anywhere in the world is fine) and then I will send the angels out. Hopefully you should get them before Christmas.

I too was a giveaway winer myself recently.

A lovely pin cushion from MaRRose CCC

It came beautifully packed! Parceland here it is – Pincushion frontBeautifully done. I was intending to use it for my glass headed pins (you can see three already came with it!)

And the underside. Pincushion undersideSuch a pretty blue to complement the orange.

Time for a Giveaway!

I thought that it was time for a Giveaway. Just a short time for entries. I will choose the winners next Saturday.

Crochet angelsI have three angels to give away so there will be three winners.

To enter just leave your comment below and if you have a preference as to colour you can include that.

I have added a cord for them to be used either as a bookmark or a decoration. The cord would be easy to remove if you wished. Cutting it near the halo would allow it to be unravelled and the thread pulled out.

And I will also leave you with a gallery of three autumn photographs. Taken with my phone so they are not as good as they could be. I am beginning to think I ought to make a case and carry my camera more often, as I keep seeing things I would like to photograph when I am out!

Even more yarn!

A little while ago I went in for Angela of ‘s giveaway for some fascinating yarn and ‘I WON!’

It came yesterday and I took some quick photographs as I excitedly opened the parcel.

ParcelAll those pretty stamps!

And inside pretty too! Inside parcelEven some ‘almost rainbow’ tape. Almost rainbow tapeI say ‘almost rainbow’ because they have left out yellow and put in pink! [Lots of people don’t seem to realise that pink is not part of a rainbow.] But such lovely sticky tape.

As well as the yarn there was this crochet hook. Crochet hookA comfort one and in a new size. Will be great to try it out. So generous!

And lastly, the yarn. YarnHave yet to work out the details of hook/needle to use etc. as much of the writing is in Japanese.

But it is beautiful yarn. Close up of yarnShiny with little specs of colour.

Angela made socks with it but I feel maybe I should use it for something to really show it off, maybe a summer scarf. I think knitting may be a better choice than crochet but maybe I should experiment with the little extra ball.

And if you wanted to buy some Angela has it for sale here – in eight different shades!

Giveaway winner!

0366-eggsinbasketBefore I reveal who won just a bit about how I chose them.

I did look at a few random number generators but I wasn’t sure if they were truly random. So I decided to do it the normal way.

In order that all the names would stay separate and equal I printed them out on a sheet of labels

0340-names and cut them out with the backing still attached.

Then I got a tin from the kitchen.


Put all the pieces of paper inside and shook them around.

Then as my son was leaving after Easter tea I asked him to draw out a name.

He looked the other way and put in his hand, swirled them about

0340-handand out of the tin came………………………………………………………………………


0340-winnerCongratulations to ‘oddlyended’ and sorry to everyone else.

I will email the winner to obtain an address and then post the basket of crochet eggs in the next few days.

Easter Giveaway!

These last couple of weeks I have been taking time out of my other projects to make a little something for a special Easter Giveaway to celebrate just over three years of blogging and over 400 (now over 450) email followers!

As you can see from the picture it is a crochet basket containing seven decorated crochet eggs.Eggs in basketHere is another view from above to give a better view of the eggs.

Eggs in basket from aboveand another to give a better view of the basket.

BasketOf course I made the eggs in the seven standard ‘rainbow’ colours. They are about normal egg size.

To enter the Giveaway all you have to do is to leave a comment below and you will be included.

You have up until Easter Sunday to do this and on Easter Sunday I will choose a random winner – probably by the ‘names in a hat’ method and on Easter Monday I will let you all know who has won.




Giveaway Winner!

Well today is the day for drawing out the winner of my Two Year Blogaversay Giveaway.

The prizes if you remember were:-

First one – This ball of yarn


and pattern book


Second one – these Beads, Buttons & Bows.


And the yarn and pattern book go to – catzikay of  HIJinKs Crochet and the Beads, Buttons & Bows go to Maryanne of woolhogs.

Congratulations to both of you and I hope to soon send out your prizes.

March Montage

In March I showed you how far I had got with my new ripple blanket, my latest loaf of bread and the tulips glowing in the sunshine.

I shared with you the five hexagons that I was contributing to Patch (of Made by Patch) ‘s Collaborative Crochet Blanket project and the gifts for my Two Year blogging Giveaway.

I also shared with you the cat that had come to my home. Unfortunately I became severely allergic to this cat within a few days of having her and have had to make alternative arrangements. I am at present struggling to reduce the allergens in my house.


Let’s have a Giveaway

Today it is exactly two years since my first post and as I have also exceeded 300 followers! a number I never thought to reach, it seemed a good time for a Giveaway.

Now life lately has been extremely traumatic (not sure if I want to share the details sometime but it does mean I haven’t been doing much blog reading the last few days or lots of other things) so although I intended to have two different things to give away, so far I have only one.

However I still intend to choose two winners one for each gift and I will reveal the other gift as soon as I can.

What I have so far is this.


The yarn is sock wool so 4ply/fingering weight but there is an accompanying book that has patterns for knitted hat and arm warmers as well as a pair of socks.


and it could also be used in crochet for whatever you like.

I expect you can guess why it caught my eye.

It was Regia yarn that I used for my recent stripey socks.

To enter just add a comment saying why you would like to win and I will chose a winner in a month’s time. (This gives you plenty of time to enter and me time to find that second gift.)