Another Banana Bread variation

Just a quick post. In 2012 I shared my ‘healthy’ Spicy, Nutty, Banana Bread. recipe with you – Then a year later I shared a variation with you – That time I added molasses instead of honey and ground ginger instead of coriander. Well recently I realised that I had rather a lot of… Read More Another Banana Bread variation

Happy Easter

To all my followers whether you see Easter as a religious festival, a Spring festival or just an excuse for lots of chocolate or none of these. I always like to photograph my Hot Cross Buns. This year they turned out very well. Here is my most perfect one (no sugar glaze as I actually… Read More Happy Easter

More Pizza!

Still working on the blanket and not doing anything else except a couple of rounds of my yet to be finished socks. So rather then post nothing, I took a couple of photos of my lunch today. This time the pizza has fresh mushrooms and scraps of roast chicken; same plate though I notice! Whole… Read More More Pizza!