Friday Fotos

Rainbow week this week. For red I found these markers on different bits of tree. The orange berries on the rowan tree didn’t make much of a picture so I photographed this day lily nearer to home. I would have liked to have had more time photographing the buttercups. I only took this photo. Somehow… Read More Friday Fotos

Friday Fotos

Today is Baby Week. I remembered to take my camera so I was able to get much better photographs. On the boating lake we discovered that all of the six coot babies were still alive. I didn’t manage to take a photograph of all of them but here are three with a parent. Further round… Read More Friday Fotos

Friday Fotos

After not getting out last Friday I was determined to have some photographs to share this week, especially as the weather forecast was good. However I forgot to take my regular camera and was left with my phone that was behaving in a very strange way. The extremely bright light was probably not helping either.… Read More Friday Fotos

My Good Friday Garden.

My view of the garden when I sit in the corner behind the apple tree! The blossom is beginning to open. And a smaller ‘arty’ version. Which do you prefer? The rose I showed you as a bud Has opened And look closer And indoors some daisies from flowers my son bought me.

Wild Orchids

I went on the regular Southampton Common Health Walk this week and we extended the walk to go and see the wild orchids. As you can see they are quite small but beautiful none the less. here are some close ups. and and As you can see there is quite a variety of colouring on… Read More Wild Orchids