Yay! the Final Blanket

I have finally finished the border for my Celtic Granny Blanket. I showed you my plans – https://rainbowjunkiecorner.wordpress.com/2020/08/03/time-for-a-border/ and my start – https://rainbowjunkiecorner.wordpress.com/2020/10/12/the-tricky-bit-of-the-border/ But I finished the interwoven part. Here is a closer look at a corner and then went on to add a granny edging. Before I show you. I just have to say… Read More Yay! the Final Blanket

Two Cactii

I am back to making some of the succulents out of this book. Two of the cactii this time which is easier on the wrist than the agaves. These two are called (left to right) Devil’s Tongue and Notocactus. Here are some closer views. Devil’s Tongue. and Notocactus. I haven’t made any crochet soil to… Read More Two Cactii