A Magical Coat

Finally my daughter has found time to come and collect the coat I made for her and we went for a photo shoot on Southampton Common. The coat pattern came from Regina of Morale Fiber Isn’t this fun? There’s the back, so lovely! and the front. It has a hood. This is great. So colourful.… Read More A Magical Coat

Getting There!

Due to the British Grand Prix being on this weekend I am putting this post together on Monday instead of over the weekend so some of the photographs especially those at the end were created rather quickly (not tutorial standard) but I think they give the idea. Thank you for putting up with my rant… Read More Getting There!

I Made a Mask!

Since the idea of wearing mask has been mooted, I have considered making one. However the big question was what sort? Never one to make a hasty decision, I looked at the suggested options. There was the no cutting, no sewing, version using a scarf that you folded but I didn’t have any suitable scarves,… Read More I Made a Mask!