Giveaway Winner!

Well today is the day for drawing out the winner of my Two Year Blogaversay Giveaway.

The prizes if you remember were:-

First one – This ball of yarn


and pattern book


Second one – these Beads, Buttons & Bows.


And the yarn and pattern book go to – catzikay of  HIJinKs Crochet and the Beads, Buttons & Bows go to Maryanne of woolhogs.

Congratulations to both of you and I hope to soon send out your prizes.


Beads, Buttons & Bows

I now have a second gift for my Giveaway. (No outdoor photos today! – well yesterday actually)

BUT if you want to enter please leave a comment at the end of THIS POST as before.

Here are some Beads, Buttons and Bows for someone to win.


The beads should be suitable to incorprate into either knitting or crochet.

I decided that I wouldn’t reply to each comment on the Giveaway post individually as I normally do but I am reading each of them with interest and want to thank you all for making my blogging experience so enjoyable.

February Montage

Only three weeks of the CAL showing in this month as the squares for the last week are a bit delayed because of this post.

During February I also opened and closed my ‘100 Follower’ giveaway, tried out some ideas for the future, completed a bit more of my blanket and made a new cafetière cosy, as well as seeing signs of Spring in and out of my garden and sharing a recipe. How was your February?


Giveaway Winner Announced

If you remember the items for the giveaway are:-

Plus two of my crochet bookmarks.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

Today I put all the names on pieces of card and drew out a winner.

I am always sorry that only one person can win but in this case the winner is:-

Nice Piece of Work – Looking at your entry you didn’t specify which colour you would like for each of the bookmarks. If you remember the colours available for both the fan and pineapple bookmarks were white, red or a rainbow sort of mixture in the slightly finer #20 cotton and a white and cream mix in the slightly thicker #10 cotton

Colours as in this picture.


Let me know your colour choice and I will get on with making the bookmarks and when they are ready I will send you an email asking for your address and then pack all the above items up and send them off.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

A Special Thank You

to everyone that entered. I think giveaways are rather fun and I hope you enjoyed entering.

So till the next time!

100 Follower Giveaway open

I was more prepared for my ‘Fifty Follower’ giveaway, as I had hoped to reach that number, but I never thought I would ever get to one hundred!

So thank you all for your interest and for those of you who comment for those comments; it’s great to meet fellow enthusists.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

The items for this giveaway are these three balls of yarn


and these tiny buttons.

Tiny buttons

As well as this for the winner I will make two bookmarks, one each of the two patterns I have.

One of these pineapple bookmarks


And one of these fan bookmarks.


to be made in  whichever of these four colours the winner prefers. (white, rainbow, red, white & cream).

You can choose a different colour for each of the bookmarks.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

This giveaway is primarily for those of you who follow me by email. You can also enter if you reblog this post and if you are a follower and reblog you can have two entries.

To enter:

Please leave a comment below telling me if you are a follower or reblogging or both and what colours you would like me to use for each of the bookmarks if you win.

The closing date will be 12th February and I will draw out the name of the lucky winner on 14th February.