Privacy Policy

Blog and Pattern Sales

Both of these are provided by third parties. Their privacy policies are linked below.


Hosted by WordPress – Link to Privacy Policy

Since this is not in itself a business venture I do not think that the provisions of GDPR apply. However, every time someone leaves a comment or  follows my blog by email, I do have access on the Admin part of the blog to their email address and any name or nickname they provide. I would only ever make use of the information if I needed to contact a commenter about their comment such as if they won a giveaway.

Pattern Sales

These are handled by Ravelry – Link to Privacy Policy and PayPal – Link to Privacy Policy.

For every sale I receive an email from both Ravelry and PayPal.

Ravelry provides the purchaser’s email address and, if relevant, their user name on Ravelry.

PayPal provides me with the purchaser’s name and email address.

I delete these emails as soon as I have read them.

I also download and keep information of purchases from both Ravelry and PayPal for tax purposes but I would only use personal information from this to aid reconciliation between Ravelry and PayPal figures after which the personal information would be deleted.

Since WordPress, Ravelry and PayPal are all companies whose origin in the USA by commenting on my blog or making a purchase your data may be stored outside the EU (but read their Privacy Policies) and by posting personal data in your comments or making a purchase you agree to this.