Pineapple bookmark


This pattern is now available on Ravelry –

I am very fond of the pineapple design. The white one is made in #10 cotton thread and the multi-colour one in #20 cotton thread.

In #10 cotton thread the bookmark without the tassel is about 5 inches (13cm)

I also made some as presents. Both #10 cotton thread.

Here is one with a book.


8 thoughts on “Pineapple bookmark

  1. I love your patterns. I am just crazy for the pineapple design. I make my tablecloths and bedspreadsa out of the pineapple design. and now i will make these pineapplw bookmarks from you in my bible. I thank you very muchand i would love to share some of my crochet patterns with you .I don’t have a site of my own as u do butI am happy making things and give them as gifts. i learmed how to crochet when i was 19yrs old and my 92 uyr old landlady taught me how to crochet and have taught quite a few ppl since then how to crochet. especially family members.
    I hope to talk with you sometime. your new friend through Jesus our saviourMAy he keep you happy and young always and healthy as only his hands can do. god be with you also my friend. your friend Dianne Rawson


  2. Love your pattern and made quite a lot already — just a correction on your pattern (US Terminology (I think)
    Row 1: should read join with sl st into first sc (not dc)
    Row 3 cont. …… into each tr of previous row, ch (should read 2ch) ….


    1. Thanks ever so for that. I use Word find and replace to convert the patterns, obviously missed one! I have left Row 3 cont as it is because you are right about it needing 2ch before the shell but one of those is on the repeat of (tr, ch). Can’t see an easier way to express this, unless you can?


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