Photo Challenge – Muddle

I would tend to use the word mess rather than muddle for most of the disorganised areas of my environment but I found this which is one of my bags where I have dumped balls of yarn where I have not got around to deciding which drawer to put them in, plus an accessory for my circular needles that got shoved in there when I tidied up quickly before my son came round. Normally the only place to sit is one half of the settee!!


Finished blanket – Choosing an edge

I showed you the finished body of my ‘sea and sand’ ripple blanket. body of 'sea and sand' ripple blanketThen there was the edging to create.

When I made the multi-coloured snuggle blanket coloured ripples blanketI just wanted one that would not upstage the body of the blanket blanket edgeand chose one from this book,Borders bookUsing fairly neutral colours.

But for my other blankets I worked up my own edging to fit in with the theme of the blanket.

So for the “Cottage Garden” blanket CAL blanket on the bedI made one that looked like leaves. CAL blanket edgingFor the “Spectrum” blanket Spectrum blanketAs you can see I just repeated all the colours in rows so as to create a rainbow round the edge.

And for the previous “sea and sand” blanket. Completed sea and sand blanketI used a very simple ripply edge. closer look at edgingTo continue the ripply design of the blanket.

With granny blankets I like to make the first row using trebles (US – dcs) continuing the pattern along the top and bottom and using groups along the side, so as to form a uniform basis for subsequent rows.

I decided with this latest blanket to use one of the brownish coloured yarns from the blanket for this as a neutral background against which the main body of the blanket would stand out. However this soon evolved into the idea of using the ‘camel colour to represent dry sand and the ‘mocha’ colour, wet sand First two rows of edgethen to surround with a row of white for sea foam. white row addedI chose to use htrs (US- hdcs) here as dcs might get lost. I also decided to turn over the blanket to work this so as not to have a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ side.

I had already decided, that as the first and last rows were ‘royal’ and ‘aspen’ respectively, it might be a good idea to incorporate these into the border to tie the whole thing together and so I finished off with using both in a way that gives a slightly corded look. This is the waves of the sea.corded final row

This pattern is actually part of a border in the book I showed you above, though I would not have recognised it.

Here is the border turned over so you can see how similar they are. corded edge other way up

I rather like the corded look and had used ‘crab stitch’ crab stitch edging

to edge my first ‘hexagon’ blanket.

Hexagon blanket

Next week I will give you a final update on the whole of my finished ‘sea and sand’ blanket.

A Foray into Planned Pooling!

A long time ago I made a cowl for someone who wanted one the same as the one I was wearing at the time. I couldn’t get exactly the same yarn but I bought something similar and proceeded to knit it.  (The yarn was a multi-colour, random sort of yarn.)

However it came out with stripes in some places. stripey partI quite liked the stripes but didn’t seem able to reproduce them further up, though you can see a narrow band that gets a bit stripey.Cowl almost finishedso I contented myself with the fact that this part wouldn’t not show when it was worn, but it puzzled me.

Recently on a Ravelry Forum, there was a thread about planned pooling and I mentioned this item and asked whether it was a change in tension or a change in the way the yarn was dyed that caused the difference. The person who responded said she thought it was a matter of my changing my tension. It is an unusual stitch and so although my tension was good enough it may have varied.

Now I had half a ball of the yarn left in my “stash”,

I therefore decided to try knitting the yarn so as to create stripes and see what happened.

The colours seemed to repeat about every 120 stitches. At first I cast on with the yarn but then decided that I probably used a slightly different amount of yarn casting on, so cast on in white then knitted until the colour change. It was obvious that the colours would need to be knitted in the round to get the repeats to line up.

And I produced this. Yarn knitted upI read about the fact that to get things perfect you might have to adjust your tension, and I did this a bit in the early stages but soon realised that the sections of the different colours would move out of sync and then back again if I kept my tension even. Showing colour slippageAs you can see here the colours were quite a bit off but then regrouped when I came round again.

The yarn has obviously been dyed to make a variety in the length of the different colours but not enough to lose all regularity.

I also decided that I had been right when I though that the colours might have repeated at half the width. one side of knitted circle

As you can see when you compare the one side to the other half.
other half of knitted cirle I can now see that there is even an amount of left right symmetry so it might have been possible to knit the yarn flat as well.

So the question is shall I try to make something that uses this effect?

At this width it could maybe be a cowl but I have lots of scarves and cowl type things so I wondered about undoing it and halving the number of stitches to make it into a project bag.

I also thought of seeing what would happen if I chose to crochet the yarn.

So you may be hearing more about this in future.

If I want to do the sort of precision planned pooling I have seen though, I would have to choose a different yarn.

For interest my original cowl came out like this.

My cowl when originally made
The new and the old

But the matching fingerless gloves (that turn into mittens), I made for Friday food shopping when it was raining, do have the colours bunching a bit.matching fingerless/mitten glovesThe idea was to be able to keep my gloves on in the greengrocers, while having my fingers covered when out in the cold and wet.

Photo Challenge – Rust

Not being especially interested in rust, 😦 and not having much rust in my life, I have decided to go to the archives for part of a photograph that was not taken especially because of the rust but which contains a lot of rust none the less. Rusty panelThis was taken on the Danube Cruise at Durnstein. There were a few metal decorative panels there which were rusty all over. This is part of one of them. Not an especially good photograph. I think the light contrast rather overwhelmed the camera.


Making a replacement (& some food!)

In the early days of this blog, I discovered mug cosies or as I called it then (cup capes!) and made one for my glass breakfast mug that I use for green tea. Seen here tried out on two different mugs.

After about five and a half years of use, it is looking a bit sorry for itself

So I decided it was time to make a new one.

I had been wondering what to use the rest of my aran weight cotton yarn for because I had bought it to make the hot pads  but couldn’t see much point in making more.

Of course I had bought the purple as well just to complete the set!

So here is my new mug cosy on the mug. I used linen stitch this time.

Last week I also made a couple of things with filo pastry.

On one of the blogs I read (can’t remember which one), I heard about a spinach and cheese pie. Since it contained spinach, feta and ricotta cheeses, all of which I like, I thought it might be fun to try and make one.

I looked at a few recipes on line and worked out how much I would need for a one person pie. It also needed filo pastry, so I bought a pack.

So here it is, as I had it with some green beans. It was very rich and maybe a bit heavy on the stomach but enjoyable, none the less.

But now of course I had lots of filo pastry left over. So I decided to make some baklava. I had several recipes but in the end I decided to try the ‘baklava cigars’ recipe in my Lebanese cookbook. You were supposed to sprinkle them with chopped almond and cinnamon but I left that out as I thought it would be pretty but make them messier to eat.

And no! I didn’t eat them all myself. I gave a few to my son.

Monthly Montage – September

The photographs for the weekly challenge that I shared this month were: Point, Sharp, Found, Beach, Orderly and Shadow.Apart from this I shared both crochet and knitting. There was my golden angel that I was able to finish at last, and the pair of socks for my granddaughter, ditto.

I finished the main body of my latest blanket and am now working on the border which I will be able to show you soon. I finished one side of my Celtic plaitwork cushion cover. I am already working on the other side.

Photo Challenge – Shadow

I don’t really have anything yarn related to share with you today so I thought I would start the week with a photo.

I am very fond of including shadows in photographs, especially the dappled shadows you find under trees that look especially good along a path but I felt for this that I should chose something more specific.

Now a couple of years ago, late winter time when the leaves were off the trees, I was going to Crafty Coffee on a Friday and I noticed the shadow of a tree on the wall of a house and thought it would make an excellent subject for Monochrome Madness. I did not have my camera with me at the time but decided that I should take it with me the next week.

Now, to cut a long story short, it took a little while before a Friday morning was sunny and I had my camera with me but eventually I decided that it was getting to be now or never and took a photograph. It was not as sharp and clear as my first sight had been but I think you get the idea.

I do not have the original colour version available but this is what I produced for Monochrome Madness. ShadowPassing the other day, I think that the wall has been repainted so maybe in a few months time I may get a chance to get an even better photograph!

Photo Challenge – Orderly

This is a photograph from when I had just bought my merchant’s chest. With time, I now have even more varieties of cotton thread and so although they are still arranged into bags of the same sort , they are no longer so ‘orderly’.

Similarly the draw with Stylecraft yarn in it, Not so good for this post because of the knitting needle case, now with balls of all sorts of different sizes, is much harder to keep in such a nice orderly fashion.

I expect you can see that I like to arrange balls in a rainbow order zig-zag.

Socks and a Blanket

This is all I have for you this morning, I am afraid.

Still doing less knitting and crochet than normal but have managed to do the small amount of knitting and crochet to finish the socks for my granddaughter and complete the main body of my Symmetrical Granny Ripple blanket.

I am going to add the pattern for the blanket to Ravelry when I have finished it but am not sure what to call it. My original Granny Ripple blanket is called “Soft Granny Ripple” though that name was not chosen by me but the lady who persuaded me to let her put it on Ravelry.

So here are the sock for my granddaughter. Short ones, as requested. socksThe yarn is Regia (One of my favourite makes of sock yarn). Nothing much on the ball band. Colour 0525 which I have found on-line called Papillion. I think I must have picked it up in Hobbycraft as my other sock yarns seemed a bit dingy for a teenager.

And here is the body of my “sea and sand” colour blanket body of blanketbased on the four times fourteen rows that form almost half of the blanket I made for my daughter. Completed sea and sand blanket

Stylecraft Special DK in the following fourteen colours:-

White, silver, parchment, camel, mocha, turquoise, sherbet, aspen, teal, royal, bluebell, denim, aster, cloud blue.

selection of yarnsAs with my other sea and sand blanket, I am not going to fill in the ripples, but have not finally decided on the edging.

Photo Challenge – Beach

Given the recent inclement weather it is not the time to use the above topic as an excuse to go to the seaside.

So I looked through my archives and decided that this, though a recent photograph, is probably as good as any to share. One of the few photographs I have taken which aim to show the beach more than the sea.