Granny bunting
Granny Bunting

Granny Circle
Granny Circle

Two Granny Ripples

Flower squares (& a hexagon)

Snowflake cloth

Crochet peg-bag

Crochet Shrug

Larger crochet case

Rainbow Mittens

Celtic Coaster
Celtic napkin ring


Celtic Cross for bookmark

Pineapple bookmark

Cross bookmark

Snowflake bookmark

Angel bookmark/decoration

Christmas stars

Christmas baubles

Really Easy snowflakes

Easy Real snowflakes

Another Real snowflake

Crochet eggs

African violets


Balloon mobile

Pocket pig

6 thoughts on “Crochet

  1. I love your book marks, the cross is fab. I have taken up crochet again after being a teacher of the craft back in the 1970’s. Going to have a go at christmas star cards, also snowflake bookmark. Thank you for lovely patterns.


  2. I would love to make your cross bookmarks for Easter gifts but do not know how to follow a pattern. What do you suggest for starting?


    1. I have been told that my pattern for the cross bookmark is easy to follow. I would have thought that the thing to do was to learn the abreviations for the various stitches and if you learn how they are represented in charts as well that would be a good start. After that just follow the words and make the appropriate stitches as required. There are lots of patterns out there on the internet if you want to start with a simpler pattern first.
      I presume you have learnt to make all the basic stitches.


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