Granny ripple (for blanket)

I have also made a more symmetrical version of the ripple that is really what I was after the first time! Pattern for that is now on sale at Ravelry.

The pattern details for the Original Granny Ripple and details on how to square off the ends and prepare for an edging is also for sale on Ravelry –

 I have also given fairly detailed notes of how I made the Spectrum version for anyone who might like to copy it. (See link below)Spectrum blanket on bed

Notes for making a Spectrum Granny Ripple blanket

More views of the blanket. Edging not included in pattern.


25 thoughts on “Granny ripple (for blanket)

  1. Would you consider letting me add this pattern to the Ravelry database…with you as designer and creator, of course. Several folks have commented on a project made by Fanalaine with this pattern that was recently uploaded.


  2. thanks for the permission. I’ll work on that this evening or tomorrow. Yes, Fanalaine’s interpretation of the pattern is wonderful…that’s what made me want it! I wrote to her and she said she couldn’t remember the site, but gave me the search terms that she googled and the description of your sample. Then I searched and found it.


  3. It was easier than I remembered. You can do some others by going to your personal page at Ravelry and clicking on the NOTEBOOK tab and then CONTRIBUTIONS. 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing!


  4. Hi,

    Just wondering if you decided on an edging for this blanket. I’m making a similar blanket but it needs an edging as I’ve made it narrower than I intended!




      1. Oh that’s great – thank you. I’ve only just found your blog so hadn’t spotted the other posts! Still working on the main body of the blanket, then I’ll have a go at the edging 🙂



        1. If it’s of any help when you get to the edging, I found that two stitches per row up the sides was the best way to get a flat edge. I worked this as four trebles (US – dcs) into the gaps at the end of alternate rows but any stitch would do and you could do three trebles and one chain per double row or two dc per row…………………………..


    1. Glad you like it. I am going to be making another blanket using this in a few months. If you want to know how I squared off the ripples let me know as I was thinking I might do an explanation, tutorial or chart at some point.


    1. I suspect that the photo you mean is one of a blanket someone made from my pattern. I don’t like Pinterest but I have sometimes seen things people have taken from my blog. I don’t know the picture you mean as there are so many. Ask the person who put the photo there where it comes from.


  5. Hi this is an awesome blanket. I would like to know how many balls of each color you needed for the entire blanket and what is its final measurement. Thx so much.


  6. Atlast I have the yarn and am ready to start this awesome blanket. Your final measurements were 55″ wide by 76″ long. The customer needs it to be around 94″ wide and 104″ long. Should I increase the interleaving pattern from 2-4-2 to 3-5-3 so it becomes longer than yours? Thanks in advance for your reply.


    1. You do realise that is more than twice the size of mine. (So twice the amount of yarn I used is unlikely to be enough.) I had never imagined you would be making it any longer as that is how the pattern works out with that number of colours. You could try 3-5-3 to make it longer but do be aware that it is a two row pattern so you may get a less even look. It might be an idea to experiment with a small portion to see if you like the different look.
      The only other option would be to increase the number of colours. Maybe have a wider section top and bottom where I have the bluebell and silver. With the same spectrum band in the middle.
      It is not really possible in my opinion to get the same look and increase the length.


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