Crochet tutorials

Magic loop

Crochetting into a chain – 4 ways

Standing treble (US-dc)

How to crochet a perfect circle

Crab stitch edging

Granny bunting
Granny Bunting

Christmas cards

Christmas baubles

Large Easy snowflake

Beginner coaster

7 thoughts on “Crochet tutorials

  1. I am making cross bookmarkers for the church for new members and came across yours and the angel, which I am doing and making into bookmarkers They are very nice. I have signed up to follow you, as I really enjoyed going through your site. Joan


  2. Rainbow Junkie,
    I bought your US. version of your Celtic Knot afghan. I am having a problem with the turning part of the pattern. I have crocheted for years so I am not new to the granny square. My problem is, when I turn to start the second row, I am supposed to just put 3 dc. and a ch.1 and go around the square ending with putting 3 dc. into the first corner space, ch.2 then connect to the top of the first dc. of the first 3dc. I have looked up making the granny square like you are saying, and haven’t found any. There is one that does the granny square the way you are saying but they are changing colors, so it is easier to do it that way. If I am misunderstanding your directions, please help me understand better.
    Thank you for your help, I love the pattern very much.
    Teresa Bell

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    1. If you don’t get on with my method, you could use any pattern that reverses direction or even use any granny square pattern without changing direction. Although for the half and half and half squares you have to reverse direction so it is better to do that for the squares to be consistent.
      I write my pattern the way I do so that the chains for the first dc of a round don’t stand out.
      When you get to the end of the round, I say to slip stitch into the first ‘dc’ which is the middle one of the three. (Because the first is the three chain.) This tightens things up and squashes the chains next to the dcs. You then reverse direction and slip stitch into the 2ch gap you made to take you to the middle of the gap. Here I say only to add 2ch for that first dc equivalent because the slip stitch has created some height and so when you get to the end of the round and repeat the slip stitch into the dc after the chains they again get squashed a bit. The last three dcs which are worked over the slip stitch into the gap help with the squashing. This works for me.
      If you like charts. Here is a different method for a reverse direction square (third down) –
      There are many so ways of making a Granny Square. It seems some people prefer one and some another.
      Hope this has helped. I would like to know if it has done and how you get one.


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