Happy Easter

A Happy and Blessed Easter to all my followers!

Christ is Risen AlleluiaThe photograph is one I took while staying in Taizé many, many years ago. Then later I added the text to turn it into an Easter card.

I always feel that Festive Food adds to an occasion, so for Easter I made some ‘Simnel muffins’. 

Not perfect, I forgot to add spice! and I realised since I have cutters that have a smooth and a crinkly side that I should have cut the circles for the top crinkly, so at least I added a bit of crinkle with a smaller cutter. However otherwise I think they were a success and will probably make some more next year.

I found a recipe for something similar I made a couple of years ago from a Waitrose recipe that I had totally forgotten about. The ones this year are based on my normal idea of a Simnel cake recipe. The Waitrose recipe removed the cases, so the tops could be placed under the grill, but that makes them look a bit naked!

See my photo. previous cakesWhich do you think look better?


Where have I been

I am sure some of you will be wondering why I have not posted anything for a while as up to now I think I had manged at least one post every week.

Well, without going into too much detail, let us just say that I ended up in A&E 18th December having a fairly serious operation the next day. Not one that you can just bounce back from either, so I spent Christmas and New Year in hospital and am now back home mostly just trying to fit in some resting with essential household activities like feeding myself and washing clothes!

The feeding myself is the best bit as, although the hospital food was fairly healthy, it didn’t taste as good as home made: some things being better than others.

I got someone to bring in my most recent blanket: my sea and sand smooth ripple blanket and it was amazingly useful for wearing round my shoulders when sitting in a chair, to a little extra warmth in bed when I needed it. I actually took a photo on my phone to share. Blanket on hospital bedThe things that impressed me about the ward I was in and the NHS in general is that the hospital was very clean and shiny, the nurses were very kind and supportive, the bed was amazingly comfortable and medicine seems to have gone very high tech which is great except for when the machines decided to bleep from very little provocation.

I was also able to have my mobile phone with me which meant frequent contact with family was possible. All my children and grandchildren visited me so in fact I had visitor(s) most days.

Published Angel pattern

Pattern on Ravelry – http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/three-small-angels

Even though the opinions given were that the angel didn’t need arms, I couldn’t resist trying out what arms would look like.

First I just made a more colourful one. Then I decided I would try adding arms. And rather liked it.

So I decided to create a pattern with both angels I showed you plus the coloured one with arms as an option.

I took the first two angels to Crafty Coffee on Friday – well at least I can still drink coffee! – and I wanted to see if they liked the pattern. They did – Yay! so I gave them a free two angel one to use as they wish for their project and have published the full set as “Three Small Angels” on Ravelry. 

I was making a version of the third one in different colours but with my arm out of action. I have decided I can always add that as a photograph at a later date.

A request directed to US followers

You may know that I have decided to start selling my favourite patterns on Ravelry.

The latest pattern that I have been revising and rewriting and testing prior to selling is for my Easy Real Snowflakes. Probably just to be called ‘Real Snowflakes’.  (They are based on photographs of real snowflakes). The photographs I was working from are here – https://rainbowjunkiecorner.wordpress.com/2016/10/13/a-new-real-snowflake-pattern/

I am trying to create a US version as well as a UK one.

There are eight patterns and although they don’t take very long to make (I estimate 20-30mins) I am not sure if I will be able to concentrate well enough to follow the patterns in US terms. (If I buy a pattern in US terms I always translate first before I try it!)

So I was hoping that I could find a couple of people who would be prepared to test my US version of the pattern in return for a free copy.

Here they are made in DK yarn (which I believe is the equivalent of light worsted in the US) with a 4mm hook – not sure what that is.

and here are some more made in #10 cotton with a 1.25mm hook.

It doesn’t matter what hook or yarn people want to use to test the pattern as I have used 3.5mm, 4mm and 4.5mm hooks for the snowflakes with UK DK yarn and the biggest difference is size. I have also used thread as you can see and an intermediate sized silver yarn.

Feedback on any places where it looks as if I have not converted a term from UK version and any general comments about how easy the pattern were to follow is what I was looking for.

I will have your email address if you offer to help in the comment section and will then send a draft copy of the pattern to a couple of you to test.

I will also send the testers a copy of the final version, if it is in anyway different when I am happy with it.


Some time ago I noticed that some people had, without asking my permission, posted photographs from my blog on their Pinterest sites. I wasn’t sure whether to be flattered or annoyed but it certainly made me feel uneasy as I had no control over what they were doing.

Later on I found that there were also ‘Free Pattern’ sites that had included some of my more popular patterns. These sites appeared to be supported by advertising and one even was soliciting donations in return for providing links to the patterns! This definitely moved me in the direction of annoyed!

The final straw came though when over the last few weeks I have had hundreds of people visiting my site from Facebook to look at my Celtic Coasters pattern. (I know this is where they are going by the numbers.) This time I don’t even have access to what has brought them here. So annoyed it definitely is.

[As an aside I must say that of course Google also takes photographs off my site and again I wish that I had control over this as Google not only takes all the photographs posted as ‘photographs’ that I see no need for but also photographs of mistakes and problems that make sense in context but I would not want put out there otherwise. Of course there is no way of controlling Google as far as I know.]

I have therefore decided that with my better patterns, the ones that have cost more in time, effort and emotional investment will in future be ‘paid for’ patterns. (Some of my more simple, ‘throw away patterns’ will still be free.)

These may include patterns such as:




African Violets, Angel bookmark, Celtic Coasters, Celtic Crosses, Cross bookmarks, Granny Ripple,

Snowflake cloth

Snowflake bookmark, Snowflake cloth

and probably my Rainbow Mittens even though no one is much interested in that one.

I may also add some more of my patterns to the list but those above are the only ones on Ravelry at present.


I have already listed my African Violets, Celtic Coasters and Cross bookmarks for sale on Ravelry and will think about whether to list any others.

Maybe it is sad in some ways that I have felt the need to do this but I cannot control what people do with my photographs but I can at least gain a handle on how many people are interested in my patterns and not just of the “It’s Free. I’ll have half a dozen!” brigade.


Happy Easter

This year I made never-ending cards to send to the couple of people I send a card to, so I thought I would share one with you.

Outside Second side Third side Last sideAnd to finish I will share with you the cake I made this Easter.

Not a simnel cake this year. My son saw a cake on a food programme on TV and really wanted to have one (and it also includes marzipan!) so I made one for him.Battenberg cakeAnd a closer look! Battenberg cake closerA plain and chocolate Battenberg with nine sections instead of the normal four!

2016 – Looking back

Crochet: During the last year I have completed two different sides to make a cushion cover and a snuggle blanket for cold winter evenings, or even cooler summer ones! some shower puffs and an alternative that dries more quickly; though I didn’t keep these: they were more exercises. I also, as an exercise, worked up a crochet circle that was actually fairly circular rather than octagonal. And then there were the sea-horses that were rather fun to make and a pair of crochet socks to see how they compared to knitted ones. I have kept these and wear them frequently!2016-knitting-and-crochetI never do as much knitting and this year the main projects were a jumper/bed jacket and my temperature scarf that is finally finished. But having been given some red 4ply alpaca I also made a scarf for my daughter and a small cowl for myself.

I did find time for other crafting. Sewing a bean bag book or tablet support and a pair of trousers. Also in the sewing category I tried my hand at cross stitch and finding I could do it, I moved on to using it for some Christmas cards.2016-other-craftingI also made a never-ending card for a friend and some stitch markers. I have plans to make more of these. The only thing that can be considered a recipe was my tutorial on making marzipan fruits but I did also share photographs of some seasonal baking for Easter and Christmas.

I also spent extra time taking and looking out photographs for a Photo Challenge but as there were fifty-two of these they are two many to include!

Looking forward. I have already started a knitted cowl with a fairisle type pattern hoping to finally master this type of knitting. Probably a post about this next week.

I am continuing my crochet blanket between other things, have yarn and pattern for a knitted cardigan and hope to go back to some crochet ideas I never finished, including my plans for the crochet sea horses.

New Year’s Resolution

Firstly “A Happy New Year to all my followers old and new!”

Now I don’t normally make New Year resolutions because if I decide that there is something in my life that needs to be changed and which needs some sort of resolution to back it up, I make it straightaway whatever time of year it is.

However this time the resolution occurs exactly at New Year time.

The resolution is to generally post on my blog only once a week.

There have only been two occasions in the past when I have felt obliged to write a post twice a week and that was when I was taking part in the CAL which resulted in this blanket CAL blanket on the bedand this last year taking part in the Photo Challenge. 0424-Photo ChallengeNow I don’t regret either of these things as they were great fun and were a chance to interact with other people but they have created a great sense of pressure and I would like to be more relaxed and have time for doing frivolous things like playing video games.

My 3DS has been rather neglected this last year but I have bought two new games for it 0543-two-gamesand hope to buy ‘Poochy and Yoshi’s Wooly World’ after it comes out for the 3DS.

This a photo of the game for the WiiU. 0543-yoshi-game-for-wiiu(I’m sure Nintendo won’t mind me copying their photograph and advertising it!)

I expect you can see why it appeals!

So don’t be surprised to see less posts. They will continue to be about the same sort of things as in the past.

Never-Ending Card

Having see the idea of a never-ending card on Wild Daffodils’ blog – HERE I had thought that I would like to try it.

Recently I needed a card for a Crafty Coffee friend’s birthday. She makes beautiful things out of many pieces of origami paper so I thought that she would appreciate that sort of card. (This appears to be called modular origami and the constructs referred to as Sonobe Polyhedra.)

I didn’t have much time but I managed to find some stickers in a shop when on the way to the cinema and thought my highlighter and silver pens could be useful. I made a demo model in paper to start with and scribbled on it as I developed my ideas. 0532-ready-to-decorate-cardThe final card was made with pieces of cut down postcard 3×6 inches as I had plain postcard sized pieces and it meant all the pieces could be the same shape.

Here is the first side 0532-page-1which opens up to show 0532-page-2Then lifting top and bottom gives 0532-page-3which in turn opens to. 0532-page-4If you peep through the gap in this side I think you can see the first side showing and if you open the card up top and bottom you are back at the beginning, all ready to start again.

I may have gone a bit overboard with the hearts but apart from the stars, which were an afterthought, they were all I could buy at the time.

I tried to make the card work both ways up as you can see.

The fact that the third one was in the shape of a cross gave me some ideas for Easter cards. So look out here come next Lent.