Really Puzzled

Does anyone understand how WordPress following settings work? There are times when I choose the Tag ‘crochet’ and look through all the posts tagged with crochet and sometimes find new blogs to follow that way. Today I looked at crochet blogs only to find a post from someone that I thought I was following, It… Read More Really Puzzled

Happy Easter

To all my followers whether you see Easter as a religious festival, a Spring festival or just an excuse for lots of chocolate or none of these. I always like to photograph my Hot Cross Buns. This year they turned out very well. Here is my most perfect one (no sugar glaze as I actually… Read More Happy Easter

2nd Twinchie

I recovered from making the first twinchie more quickly than I had expected and so I have now finished both of them. I decided to just do some blanket a stitch for the edging and would have used more strands of thread but having to sew through so many layers of cloth, and especially the… Read More 2nd Twinchie

Tapestry Roses

Joining with Sandra of Wild Daffodil and her Textile Tuesday I decided that I would follow her example and share some tapestry pictures I have. Not nearly as impressive as her needlepoint but with fond memories. These were created when I was in my teens as a joint project with my mother. A little hard… Read More Tapestry Roses

Colouring in!

Over a year ago now my younger daughter bought me a colouring book. At the time I wasn’t sure if colouring in pictures was a good idea because of the arthritis in my wrists. However with time the pain is much less and recently I went through a period of being crazily anxious and I… Read More Colouring in!