Published Angel pattern

Pattern on Ravelry –

Even though the opinions given were that the angel didn’t need arms, I couldn’t resist trying out what arms would look like.

First I just made a more colourful one. Then I decided I would try adding arms. And rather liked it.

So I decided to create a pattern with both angels I showed you plus the coloured one with arms as an option.

I took the first two angels to Crafty Coffee on Friday – well at least I can still drink coffee! – and I wanted to see if they liked the pattern. They did – Yay! so I gave them a free two angel one to use as they wish for their project and have published the full set as “Three Small Angels” on Ravelry. 

I was making a version of the third one in different colours but with my arm out of action. I have decided I can always add that as a photograph at a later date.


Unexpectedly! an Angel pattern

I am still working on this pattern and will add it to the shop when I have finished a few variations. Watch this space!

I had thought I would probably have finished the extra knitting and got the pattern ready for next week but unfortunately I now have my left arm in a cast and sling with a cracked bone in my elbow, so even writing posts may be tricky for a while. In ten days the temporary cast will be removed and then I will either be okay or have a long term cast for up to six weeks. So no knitting or crochet for a while. How will I survive, what will I do?

A little bit about how this patterns came about,

A lot of the people who come to ‘Crafty Coffee’ on a Friday are from a local Anglican church and it has been decided to give away 100 or maybe even 200! knitted angels around Christmas time. Two free patterns had been chosen as possible ones to make but the people who were likely to have to make quite a few of the angels were not entirely happy with either of them. So I offered to make one for them.

Now by the time I left to go and do my shopping they were a little happier with the chosen patterns but I found I couldn’t resist having a go at making one.

My first attempt in the afternoon was this. First attempt

But then in the evening I refined it to create this. Final angel

The angel is a little fancier than the ones they were looking at but it is quite a simple pattern in that it is knitted flat and the lace part only has one repeated row and the rest is rib or stocking stitch.

The lace could be omitted to create this simpler angel. I also modified the head slightly for this angel which is how I have written the final pattern.Plain angel

I am not sure whether I should include optional arms for the final pattern. What do you think?


A very Welcome Womble

This year I made two Christmas presents one of which was a womble. 0544-orinoco When my eldest was young the Wombles were on children’s television and my daughter’s favourite womble was Orinoco. She had a cuddly Orinoco which she loved and so when I was offered a knitting pattern to make a womble that was clearly Orinoco I said “Yes!” becuse I thought it would be fun to make it for her. 0544-womble-pattern(As you can see the pattern is a little worse for wear having been carried all over the place while knitting him.)

I decided to replace the white mohair of the pattern with eyelash yarn for greater authenticity. I have never knitted eyelash yarn before or the chenille needed for the face and hands but in the end it wasn’t as hard as I imagined and I could count the stitches which was important.

I am pleased to report that my daughter was really over the moon to receive him (even more than I had anticipated) so it all seemed very worth the effort, though I had regretted it a bit when it came to the sewing. (Never my favourite part.)

I also made a little blue bear for my granddaughter. 0544-little-bearI have a little blue bear that I made when pattern testing for another blogger which sits on my computer tower unit 0363-littlebearand I had asked my granddaughter whether she would like one ages ago but had never settled down to actually making one.

With Christmas on the horizon it seemed the ideal time.

I used the same wool as before because it needed aran weight and I generally use double knitting but still had a small ball of the blue aran.

However I decided to use a 2.5mm hook because I had one with a comfort handle in this size but not for 3mm which I think I used for the original. 0544-two-bearsYou can see that the latest bear came out a little smaller. But no bad thing and he apparently has joined the pocket pig 0033pigand a Christmas angel 0290-angelwithsashI had made previously!


Making a case for a tablet

My son gave me a tablet for my birthday.TabletNo not that sort! This sort:-0372-lenovotabletI decided it needed a case and started by looking at the sort you could buy but couldn’t find anything I liked, so in the end I decided to make a slip case like I had for my phone and iPod.

When I had got out my sewing machine, I had found this: –SleevesThe two sleeves left from my earlier case making, and they were just the right size to slip the tablet into. (You can see some tacking from my earlier making.)

I cut out two suitably sized sections of sleeve.Material cutI also found this in my dressmaking drawerInterliningand decided it would be useful to make a padded front to the case to protect the screen. I hadn’t bothered with my phone but I felt that the tablet screen was more vulnerable.

Here is the inner case completed.Inner caseI just tacked the interlining on quickly so it didn’t move. I decided to make the outer case from the little balls of yarn left over from my ‘sea and sand’ blanket.Sea and sand blanketI had wanted to try the ‘Catherine Wheel’ stitch, that I had found in a book, for a while now and thought it would be suitable for this project. I don’t know if you can see it in this photo but the Catherine wheel stitch creates little mounds.Texture of Catherine wheel stitchIn the book, the stitch had been shown worked back and forth for a flat piece, and I could have done it that way, but I decided to work a round and round version where every row was right-side.

Here is the completed case.Finished caseBecause of the way the colours went I decided to reverse the case and in fact that means the Catherine Wheel stitch was worked from the top down.I finished with a solid section of dcs (US-scs) to give a firm basis for a button. I hadn’t used a closure on previous cases but I have sometimes regretted not being able to secure my phone in it’s case when I put it sideways in a bag as it tends to slip out, so I decided I would add one here when I was unlikely to want to get it out in a hurry.

Here is the case with the tablet inside.Tablet in caseThe case is quite a tight fit because I had to decide between seven or eight Catherine wheels for a round and chose seven as I didn’t want the case to be loose, especially knowing that acrylic yarn seems to stretch with time. In fact before I finished the case I washed it and stretched it a bit which was quite good as it made it bigger and softer. Of course with a touch screen, a case that is quite fitting and with an inner made from well-washed cotton helps clean the screen as you put it in and out.

My father always said that the safest thing to wipe smudges off glass was a piece of well-washed cotton, such as an old hanky.

Doll finally dressed

0361-dolloriginallyWhen I was given her, the doll looked pretty much like this. (Though this is a cheat as I have just mussed up her already brushed hair and the necklace has been restrung.)

As you can see she had a yellow cloth top and knitted panties and quite a nice knitted over-top.

I showed you the doll as work in progress the other day.0357-dollandknittingWell now I have finished the hat and trousers0361-clothesmadeand she looks like this0361-dollseatedand this.0361-dollstandingThe necklace was originally strung on a piece of string so I restrung it on a piece of bead elastic so it can be removed and added a degree of symmetry as I have always preferred symmetrical things. [Does this relate to the fact that I am mildly dyslexic and have difficult with left and right, I wonder?]

Hopefully when this is for sale in the charity shop, it will be sold and make some child very happy

Well I suppose it’s no surprise really!

Friday morning over a week ago I was happily working on my rainbow cotton project and all my ‘Crafty Coffee’ friends were saying how much they like it. I was thinking that if I kept going at that rate I could maybe finish it in another three or four weeks. Now I had two other projects: my waistcoat where I wasn’t sure if I liked the way the neckline had worked out and whether I should undo it and my second sock with the new style heel which was pretty much on the back burner but hey three projects is plenty.


But by Saturday evening, because of things I had thought and seen, I had two more crochet bookmarks ready to be stiffened, had worked up a pattern for a celtic knot bookmark and started on a trial of a method for making two socks at once!


And by Sunday evening, I had got round the heel for the socks, made a trial of the celtic knot pattern in DK yarn and started one in #10 cotton.

I can see that this will not be my favourite bookmark though since it requires working into the back of such a long chain – twice!


I started this post a week ago but since then I have completed a celtic knot bookmark in #10 cotton

0333-celticknotbookmarkand the trial two at once socks suitably truncated for speed.

0333-twoshortsocksNeither of these was a hard as I imagined they would be to complete though equally neither are up to my normal ‘perfect’ standard. I will be writing more about bookmarks and these socks in future weeks.

How are you getting on with your projects? Do you get distracted too?

Granddaughter’s visit – crochet and BookBench sculptures

My Granddaught came to stay on her own for a week of her summer holidays as she has done in previous years and we had lots of fun, including a day out in London eating our sandwiches with Paddington Bear in view eating his.

Paddington Bear

More about this later on.

Louisa had asked to learn some more about crochet when she came, having previously only learnt to make chains.

So this time I thought I would try to teach her two things.

  • To tension the yarn on her hand – previously she used a rap around method I had found on a U-tube video.
  • To make double crochet (US – singles crochet).

She managed to learn how to tension the yarn while feeling more comfortable with her previous method and in the end reverted to that method even for the double crochet stitches. However she said she will try to practice the tensioning so as to have a choice for the future.

She learnt how to make double crochets though I helped by working the first row (or two) into the chain for her. Since I am right-handed and she is left-handed if you notice that the pieces look a bit odd at the start that is because, since you can work into crochet stitches in both directions I didn’t try to teach myself to work left-handed as I had when teaching her knitting but did the first rows as I normally do.

She made a chain sash for her angel from chains (and also for the prince I had knitted for her though I forgot to get a photograph.) just to get back into the rhythm.

Knitted angel with sash

Then, when I had shown her how to do double crochet, decided to make a small blanket in red – which was later folded over to form a pillow. Her second blanket was better and I started her off on making an edging in a contrasting colour. I explained how to work into the sides and that she needed to work three stitches at each corner and she happily completed the whole thing by herself.

Two crochet blankets

Here is the angel with her blanket.

Angel with blanket

After this I showed her how with three colours you could work stripes without having to cut the yarn, and how to change colour.

(Again no photograph – sorry. I was pretty tired by the end of the week and busy trying to entertain parents and make her a crochet snake from oddments left from the CAL blanket.)

Crochet snake

Our big outing on the best day of the week (The weather being rather wet most days.) was to go to London on the train to see some the fifty BookBench sculptures that were on show there.

More about this here: –

Here is the gallery of pictures of the BookBench sculptures some with Louisa sitting on them. I didn’t photograph all the seats both with and without Louisa and I also didn’t photograph the back of all the seats, so I have just shared a selection of the photographs I did take.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

An aside here – In order to have small images and six columns so that the gallery did not overload the page I altered the default size of ‘thumbnails’, only to realise that that changed the size of the images in every post where I had chosen ‘thumbnail’ when I wanted to insert a small version of an image. Luckily WordPress allowed me to pick out those posts and by changing the setting of the image to ‘custom’ I was able to restore the original size. I will be wary of using ‘thumbnail’ again just to have a small image.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Clicking on any image will show a full size slideshow starting with that image.

There was no way we could visit all the book seats so we looked at the ones on the Riverside Trail map and then made our way to Greenwich and saw a few more. Louisa saw an exciting looking play park and asked if we could go there.

I took a few photographs. These two were the best.

A wobbly walk

As you can see it was a bit of a dull day.

SwingingBut she still had lots of fun and we finished up with an ice-cream each.

We had taken yarn and hooks with us to do some crochet on the train as it takes over an hour to get from Southampton to Waterloo.

Train journey crochet

I think you can guess which was which.

On the return journey we had a bit of a hiccup as it sounded from an announcement we heard, sitting in one of the last available seats on the train, as if our tickets might not be valid on that train. This really worried Louisa so we got off, walked all the way down the train to the rear where the conductor was and asked. He said no! ‘Saver’ tickets were fine it only applied to ‘Super Saver’ ones. So we quickly got on the train and walked through full compartment after full compartment to almost the back. There were a few single seats but none where we could sit together so we decided to sit on the floor. That didn’t stop the crochet however.

Crochet on floor of train

Apart from the above we found some time to play Mario Kart on my Wii and even more games with Uncle Michael on his new WiiU. And progressed from ‘Syberia’ to ‘Syberia 2’ on my desk-top.

We also had fun finding new loom band bracelets to try. I thought I had taken at least one picture but I see not! 😦 And cooking Stuffed Peaches as in this post:-

I also made some ‘Millionaire’s shortbread’ to take home which I will share with you later.

A Birthday doll


I think I have probably spent most of my time this last month working on this project and with time ‘of the essence’, as they say, I have had to give up being a perfectionist and just do the best I could in the time.

Originally I had just wanted to buy a boy (not baby) doll and make clothes for it. But not finding anything suitable in the shops, I resorted to making the doll myself.

Previously I have only made knitted dolls with integral clothes and I had no pattern, nor could I find one easily on the internet, so I decided to work up my own pattern. In the end I got quite ambitious.

I used these patterns that I had in my store to help with approximate number of stitches and shaping


but I had to modify all of them to get what I wanted.

I also found this chart on-line


which I used to give me an idea of the correct proportions for a three year old.

So you start with a naked boy doll.


Yes! I know he is two-tone. This is because I had a limited quantity of flesh coloured yarn, and plenty of the cream. So I decided to keep the flesh colour for the head and hands (& arms) which would show most. The cream is actually very poor quality in my opinion but I didn’t really realise that till later.

I decided to give him thumbs


and  stitched rows of small stitches to indicate fingers


and toes.


I am sure most of you could do a lot better with the stitching, which is a weak point of mine, but I wasn’t being a perfectionist; was I?

I decided not to try and make his legs and arms bend but as you can see I did indicate wrists and ankles.

I also gave him ears and nose as well as the essential eyes and mouth.


No! he’s not very pretty but then he doesn’t look girly either.

To finish: a modified version of Jean Greenhowe’s hair. The most important modification was wrapping the stitches when I turned mid row. That got rid of the holes. Yay!


So now he needs clothes.

Some underwear.


That’s better!


And a blue jumper and red trousers will be cheerful.


Let’s put them on!


And what about when he goes out?

He needs a coat and hat and shoes.


That’s cosy!


And to finish: a blanket for nap-time.


Most of the doll and his clothes were knitted but, as well as crochetting a blanket, I did use crochet for the irises of his eyes


and the red angry bird hat and blue and white trainers.


The patterns for these were modified versions of ones I found for free on-line.

Here are a couple of extras that I decided to include in the present.


My first version of the vest/T-shirt made in cotton, later embelished with a crochet edging and my first try at a pair of pants which are on the small side and with a folded over waistband that is maybe a bit too thick.

Well they will do as spares!

I wanted a doll that not only could be companion and object of nurturing (maybe) but would also have buttons and laces to give an opportunity to practise the necessary skills needed to cope with such things.

Both my grandsons are very fond of  ‘angy birds’ and have red angry bird hats so I had to give the doll one. Hope my grandson likes it.



A pair of socks in an evening!


Yes they are socks for the doll I am making. These days I tend to think of Thursdays as a day for fun posts or extras.

I used a bit of the leftover yarn I had when I made these socks.


I made one sock in the afternoon


but as you can see it didn’t turn out too well. I decided to make the socks on straight needles as I didn’ t have suitable circulars or DPNS for this size. Not only is the seam badly sewn and the toe a bit long but I wrapped four stitches when doing the heel and that made it the wrong shape for the doll’s feet. So next time I just wrapped three and and had less rows for the foot.

Here is the final pair.


The stitching is still not brilliant (I seem to have forgotten how to sew up knitting well) but they will do. 🙂 I am having to put the perfectionist in me on one side for this project.


I haven’t any finished projects to show you today so I thought I would give you a peep at all the things I have been working on lately.

The most pressing item is this


It’s for my grandson’s birthday which is at the end of the month. Originally I had wanted to buy the doll and just make clothes but I couldn’t find what I wanted so I am now a bit pressed for time. This is especially so as I am cobbling the doll and clothes together from various patterns, adapting to get what I want. And although the hair looks finished in fact, having made most of it, I now realise that I would get on better with smaller needles and, as the head is bigger than in the pattern it comes from, that I also need more stitches.

I did crochet another eight rows of my blanket while watching Formula one: qualifying and the race.


The main object being to free up the light brown wool, of which I had a limited quantity, to use for the hair for the doll.

I have also been working on some more crochet plants that I might have finished by now if it wasn’t for getting on to the doll.


Just a teaser here.

I’ve also worked on this when I needed something easy, such as Friday morning’s craft group.


It’s almost long enough to be made up.

As you can see it’s a lot bigger than when I first showed it to you.


I have spent the last few weeks measuring it hopefully and finding that “I only need another two inches”. But when I lay it down in a relaxed maner it is still too short!

And of course there is still my second sock to make.


I have finished this first one but am waiting to make the other before showing you the pair.

And of course there are a couple of other things that have been started but put to one side for the moment.