Two Cactii

I am back to making some of the succulents out of this book. Two of the cactii this time which is easier on the wrist than the agaves. These two are called (left to right) Devil’s Tongue and Notocactus. Here are some closer views. Devil’s Tongue. and Notocactus. I haven’t made any crochet soil to… Read More Two Cactii

A Birthday Owl

Recently I wanted something to giver a friend for their birthday and the easiest thing to do, and most personal, was to make them something. I found a split ring and chain that had come from a broken key-ring and thought that a crochet key-ring could be fun but what to attach? I decided on… Read More A Birthday Owl

Ruby Wax Agave

Yes, another succulent. This was one of the error prone patterns but luckily help was at hand in the online errata list. The pattern says that tension is not important but I used the recommended hook size, no problem this time with thicker, smoother yarn, and whereas the photographs in the book had rather floppy… Read More Ruby Wax Agave

Angel Update

Thank you to everyone who commented on my earlier post. Taking into account all that was said I have now finalised a fancy and a plainer angel that I am happier with. Here they are compared with the knitted ones. I didn’t have any silver yarn left but I had some gold which seemed quite… Read More Angel Update