Finally – The Finished Blanket

Here is my Eternity Knot Blanket finally complete.

completed blanket

Perhaps you might like a closer look at the border.

blanket border

Took me a long time to finally decide what I wanted but I was very pleased with the result.

I have taken a few pictures in different places.

One draped on my futon bed settee.

blanket on futon

another on my bed.

blanket on bed

The pattern will be published eventually and here is a photo showing my card to help keeping track of which yarn to use for any square.

colour chooser

I thought that the centre of the blanket came out pretty much like the plan.

plan and blanket comparison

It is very much a one sided blanket but actually the wrong side still looks pretty good.

wrong isde

20 thoughts on “Finally – The Finished Blanket

    1. Thank you. Well I wanted to make a blanket with the knot as part of it and being a rainbow junkie wasn’t sure I wanted to make a blanket with just two colours and had all this yarn left from an earlier blanket so the answer seemed obvious!!

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  1. WOW! I’m constantly impressed by what you do with simple granny squares (and that rainbow in your eye 🙂 ). I’d love to replicate this for myself, and think I could, given the amount of info you’ve already supplied, but I’d like you to have some benefit from it — which is a roundabout way of asking, are you going to publish this as a pattern? I hope so, because I want to see you gain some tangible reward for your amazing creativity.

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    1. Not really, in that the squares are all worked from the right side unlike an earlier granny square blanket where you reversed direction each round. Also you have to use the back loops to hold the knot squares in place so don’t have them free for the overlay. I suppose I just like it when blankets still look quite good on the wrong side. That is the one thing I have against mosaic crochet that the back looks weird.


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