Holiday Crochet

When you go away of course you have to take some crochet or knitting with you.

Something small and light if you are already worried about the weight.

Not a time to continue with your blanket that needs twenty-one colours for the main part,current blanket

even if you wouldn’t have to take all twenty-one with you.

Cotton thread crochet is small and light so that was a good idea. I wanted to try making a four part version of my Josephine Knot bookmark.3 Josephine knot bookmarks

So I took some pale colours, as my eyes had had trouble with the darker colours, even during the day. No need to stress on holiday.

In the end I made a three part bookmark and left it for Christine (owner) who had been kind enough to leave a pint of milk in the fridge on my arrival.Cottage information and bookmark
Something easier that doesn’t need such good light would be a good idea for evenings or maybe on the journey. But what to take?

Now do you remember this.crochet 'paper chain'

When I had bought the job lot of Twinkle yarn.Twinkle yarn bundle

I had had my eye on the bright red and green to make some more of those.

However this time I thought I might try and make something more interesting. Partly for the look and partly because endless dcs (US-scs) are a bit boring.

So I thought up a likely pattern and made a sample. (Left on the picture below.) Deciding it was too big as I had wanted the chain to be the same size as the traditional paper ones, I modified the pattern.2 trial versions

If you can catch sight of blue in the larger one that is because I was making it out of scraps of yarn and, yes, half is pale blue.

Having finalised the design, I took the red yarn with me and a 4mm hook.yarn and final version

I had made the original ones with a 4.5mm hook but the Twinkle yarn, although nominal DK, seems a bit thin. With a lacier pattern I didn’t want the strips to be too floppy.

I am very pleased with the pattern because, not only is it prettier than the plain one, it is quicker to make, easier to count to see you have the correct length and self-checking. It is also fairly mindless, so good at the end of a tiring day.

I have a couple of ideas for alternatives that I might try out and I can see me putting together a Free Pattern on Ravelry for the different versions.

I wrote this soon after my holiday but somehow didn’t post it. I did create another version for the crochet chains but have yet to put together a pattern. In fact I had forgotten all about making them until I wanted to use the bag they were in for something else. Maybe I might get something together when my blanket is finished as I won’t be publishing the pattern for that immediately.

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