Another Blanket Peek

Life at present is essentials things, rest and crochet.

This means that I have almost finished my latest blanket.

However since I wanted to offer an alternative border for the blanket when I publish the pattern, I decided that I had better work enough of the alternative to take a photograph before I undo it and add on the first choice border.

I think when you look at the photograph, you will see why I didn’t want to work it all round and then undo.

corner of blanket

The border obviously is very similar to the one I chose for my Spectrum blanket.Spectrum blanket on bed

With all those colours it seemed appropriate.

4 thoughts on “Another Blanket Peek

    1. Interesting that you mention the corners. On my Spectrum blanket the corners are slightly pointy. I was increasing by working 5tr in the corner tr, as is standard. Here I was working (2tr, 1ch, 2tr) in corner 1ch gap which is really the same but I cut it down to (1tr, 1ch, 1tr) for some rounds and that helped.


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