Back to my Holiday

I am not sure why I started my account of my holiday as I did. Put it down to my general exhaustion.

Normally, I think that I would start with the place I was staying.

In this case Cariad Cottage which was part of Carn Nwchwn Farm.

I travelled by train on a Saturday which was good because you can travel early with a rail card but not so good in that there were engineering works which meant I had to take three trains instead of two. Still I was able to avoid the buses that replaced some journeys. The trains all kept beautifully to time. I wore my extra protective masks and didn’t catch Covid. Because of the mask wearing, having to wait for an hour and a half in Haverfordwest for the final leg of the journey, which was by bus, meant a chance to eat some lunch. So all in all satisfactory.

All the above could have provided great opportunities for photographs but I had decided to make this a ‘go with the flow’ holiday and to only take photographs when I felt in the mood. In this case I was just glad that I actually arrived at my destination.

So here is what I did take.

I did feel I ought to take the bedroom when I arrived.


I am one of those funny people who is just as happy in a single bed but the bed was comfortable and the bedroom had everything I needed.

The kitchen was well equipped.


though I was intending to eat mainly salads. I didn’t use the oven but the hob was one of those induction ones and although it was a bit scary at first (I did cook some rice and pasta at different times.) I am totally sold on it’s virtues.

I have a gas hob at home, which is wonderful but if I had to replace my cooker, I would consider one with an induction hob. It was amazingly responsive when you went to turn down the heat.

The floor downstairs were these beautiful ceramic tiles. I thought I had taken a photograph but here is a photograph of the shower room were you can also see them.shower room

The shower room also had everything I needed. I really ought to travel with a rubber shower mat though, as my shower at home has a textured base but this shower was smooth as smooth underfoot, so I had to be careful when soaping my feet. The towel rail was heated which meant the towels could be dried for the next day. I could also dry my tea towel.

All these rooms were downstairs. But there was a delightful, almost spiral staircase up to the first floor. This didn’t have a proper rail so I did have to be a bit careful and it means the cottage wouldn’t be suitable for someone with really poor balance.

Now the upstairs consisted of a sitting room with a table for meals and a balcony with a wonderful view towards the sea. Somehow I never felt inspired to photograph any of it but if you want to see more photographs of the upstairs and the view from the balcony you can find them here – Cariad Cottage.
Having settled in, I decided to find my way to the beach.

This is my first view of it from above.beach

The time was 1839 according to my camera.

There were still a few people enjoying themselves on the beach.

As you can see there was a lot of sand but the approach to the beach from the bottom of the path meant crossing a great number of large stones and pebbles.beach across pebblesThere was also quite lot of water running across the beach.

I did venture down towards the sea but decided to leave paddling for another day.near the sea

As someone fascinated by rocks I was delighted to see the different sorts rocksRed one side and more grey and gold ones the other.grey/yellow rocks
But all good things come to an end and eventually I decided I should go back to the cottage for something to eat and a quiet evening.

path across fieldThe walk to and from the Costal path above the beach meant walking across a couple of fields. Not far at all.

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