Friday Fotos

Still not up to what passes for normal energy levels for me but enough to remember to take my camera for the Friday walk, on what was a perfect English summer day.

Theme of the week? – Walking on Water , maybe, though the second foto is less convincing.

One of the first places we always go is the so called Boating Lake. There we saw a duck preening itself and apparently standing on the water.

I think you can just see signs of the almost submerged branch that is helping to create the illusion.

Our last port of watery call is the Cemetery Lake and here we saw something very similar.Less convincing as a sign that the duck is standing on the water but still a fun coincidence.

Our intervening watery visit is always to the Ornamental Lake and I thought I would include a few fotos showing how low the water is at present.

As I think is obvious, that large bank of mud where the water lilies are, is normally under water.

And for those of you that saw my post about visiting the island. here is a closer view of said island.

and an even closer one showing the surface of the ground and the ducks that were having leisurely explore.

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