I visited the Island

Yesterday I finally managed to visit the island.

Which island you may wonder.

It is the one on the ornamental lake at Southampton Common.ornamental lakeIt is where you can see the tall dark trees in the distance.

Now for years I have yearned to cross to the island but although at the far side it is fairly near the bank you would still need a boat or preferably a coracle or a pair of waders to actually reach it.

But since the recent heatwave the water level in the ornamental lake has dropped dramatically.

And when I had gone for the normal Friday walk with friends it was obvious that it might just be possible to cross to the island. I hadn’t taken my camera on Friday or even my phone; so no Fotos. But you might be pleased to know that the mother duck with her eight ducklings that I had shown you previously,duck and ducklings still had her full brood. They had grown a lot since this picture and today I noticed that they no longer kept together but were scattered all over the lake.

Back to talking about the island.

Here is a view from the path at the side as it was on Sunday. island from sideAs you can see the water no longer goes all around the island.

Now I knew that the narrowest distance between island and path must be round the back. (To the right of the island as in the above picture.) I had sometimes seen people there although I had never been that way myself.

I found the beginning of the path. start of path

The beginning was a big hump of concrete. Maybe to discourage casual walkers. But I am made of sterner stuff, so I surmounted the hump and jumped down the other side.

I could see that behind the island the water gave way to just mud.

island from behind

I took a few photographs as I went.a little further onand looked for the best place to cross.

a place to cross
I found what looked a likely spot and climbed down onto the mud. I had hardly taken a few steps when the mud started sucking one of my feet down and in my effort to pull it out I unbalanced and fell forward. Luckily I only got mud on my lower half and my camera didn’t get damaged.

After I got home.muddy trousers and handbagI therefore decided to look for a better route.
I realised that what I had earlier taken for random detritus,random detritusmust actually be something constructed as a path to the island. path to cross Although my balance has never been very good, from childhood, it was good enough to balance on a concrete block and some branches for a few steps and so I reached the other side and scrambled up to the top.on the islandAs you can see the ground is largely covered with dead pine needles and there were also some tiny oak saplings.oak leaves and acornsI took a few photographs to prove that I had been there.view from the islandOn the other side of the water you can see the path we normally walk along on Fridays.

After a little explore; it was little because it is a very small island, I decided that it was time to make my way back.same route backAlthough you may think I am silly or maybe even a bit crazy. I had a great time. It is such fun to achieve a long held ambition.

11 thoughts on “I visited the Island

  1. I absolutely love that you saw an opportunity to make a dream come true, and followed it through to completion! YAY for you! Is it a silly thing to slay a dragon, no matter how small? Never in life. You did it, and that’s awesome! Hugs

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  2. I totally understand why you had to go across to your island, of course you did. Glad you weren’t injured in the process. I shall confess to tumbling on my hols. In my attempt to take a photo of one of the moorland crosses just after the rain had stopped, I slipped down the heathery bank. I already had my camera at the ready , fortunately it was OK, but I did take an odd picture as I fell which made me laugh when I saw it back home. Nothing apart from dignity was hurt. It was witnessed by a cyclist, who yelled as he past , you ok? I was, but I did rather ask for it.


      1. Yes I did, but it was a salutary lesson to be more careful. Sons would not be amused if they had to drive over 200 miles because I broke a bone. My Mum did on the isle of Wight and had to be rescued by my brother.

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