Blankets are so Wonderful

Life has been a bit tough lately though I am sure you don’t want to know why. But one thing that has kept me going is my blanket(s). There is still plenty to share about my holiday but that will have to wait on more energy. I suppose it is a sort of Chronic Fatigue relapse but feeling so weak and weary, even first thing in the morning, is quite discouraging.

So, not wishing to let a Monday pass with no post I thought that I would share a quick peek at how at I am getting on with my latest blanket.

The one with all the colourscoloured yarns and a knot in cream.

I have now had to use all the colours.latest blanket on settee

Probably about two thirds of the way through the whole blanket.

Just quietly working each square in turn is very soothing. Something to look forward to each day.

I am thinking that it might be an alternative to my summer blanket.

Summer blanket
My First Crochet Blanket

That I use over a sheet when the nights are predictably warm, as they are at present.

Another blanket that has lifted my spirits lately is the second blanket I made for a CAL initiated by Rachel of The Little Room of Rachell.

I have had it on the back of my futon bed settee for quite a while. But recently decided to spread it out so I could see more of it.blanket on futon bed setteeMy son came upstairs to help me with my computer, saw it, said how lovely it looked and exclaimed with surprise that it was “3D!”closer lookMade me smile.

8 thoughts on “Blankets are so Wonderful

  1. I agree with you about blankets. In my late twenties I was in and out of hospital a lot and that represented hours of sitting in Waiting Rooms for appointments and then recovery and convalescent time – I made three Granny Square blankets during all that ‘waiting’. The gentle rhythm of crochet and knowing I would have created objects at the end was such a comfort.
    I am so sorry to hear you have been having a challenging time, chronic fatigue is tough. There is a shift in the seasons coming soon, which I hope brings a shift in energy for you. Have you tried acupuncture? I have found it extremely supportive over the years.
    Your blankets are so cheerful and colourful, so good that they bring you joy.
    Take care RJ. Much love.

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    1. There was a contributing factor to the Chronic Fatigue, hopefully recovery from that will restore my energy. Actually I have better energy in the summer, especially on sunny days. Thanks for your good wishes.


  2. Sorry to hear you have been having a difficult time, hopefully September will bring relief. Your blanket looks lovely. I can’t craft in heat, my brain ceases to function, I read instead.Get well soon.

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  3. I hope you pick up soon, it must be hard feeling so far from energetic even first thing in the morning.
    The blankets look great, I can’t believe it’s about 10 years since I started that CAL!

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