A Little Bit of Nature

It is a long time since I have been doing serious photography and this holiday even less so. I took my camera but I felt that first and foremost this should be a restful, reflective time without any pressure.

So I didn’t even take any photographs to start with but gradually, I pointed my camera at things that took my fancy, including various forms of life of which there was an abundance.

There were lots of large daisies everywhere. Think Michaelmas daisies. But Michaelmas is in September! I never felt inspired to photograph those.

Something I would have loved to have been able to photograph was a snake that crossed my path. From it’s slightly checkerboard pattern along its back, I think it must have been an adder. However it showed no interest in attacking me, in fact once it noticed my presence it quickly slithered into the grass at the side of the road before I could get out my camera.

I did photograph this small sort of dandelion that grew between the slabs that made the path to the cottage where I was staying.

little dandelions

I frequently met small bits of Foxgloves and I did eventually decide to take this photograph.

fox gloves

There were so many birds, crows, ravens, seagulls, pigeons and swallows that I could see from the balcony. But that was when I was relaxing and my camera was downstairs in the bedroom.

Once on a walk I saw this bird that seemed totally unfazed by my presence so I tried a couple of quick photos.


On coming home and doing a search, I decided it was a Stonechat.

There was a great deal of farmland around but I only saw cows on the Monday.


I call them cows but actually I think they were male.

The one thing that I saw more of than anything else was butterflies: always the same ones. They would tantalise me by being always on the move, sometimes two or three of them together performing a mazy dance.

Occasionally one of them would rest for a moment with its wings together and I so wanted to see more to find out what sort it might be.

I knew they were a mixture of brown and orange but couldn’t register the patterning.

Then towards the end of my stay, one of them rested briefly with it’s wings open, long enough for me to grab a shot. The photograph was better than I expected, so I will share it.

Gatekeeper butterfly

I had a bit of luck here, I hadn’t even got around to looking to see what it might be. when I found a much better photograph on a blog that I follow. That told that it was a Gatekeeper butterfly.

Not great photographs but maybe they give you a little glimpse into the abundance of life there was around me.


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