Beach Treasures

I have just come back from a holiday in St David’s Pembrokeshire, Wales.

I will be putting together some posts of my various activities over the next few weeks but I thought that today I would show you some of my beach finds.

I have always been fascinated by interesting stones, even in the garden, since I was a child.

I have often come back from holidays with a few that I felt were somehow typical of the location, or just interesting.

On Beach holidays I have loved to look at all the different shells you can find and again have collected a special few.

The beaches near where I was staying were very clean and had almost no, even bits of, shells.

Though as you can see this didn’t mean an absence of sea life.

limpets and barnacles

The nearest beach was Caerfai (pronounced care-vie) beach. It was rocky to get down onto it and then mainly sand.

This photograph was taken on Friday near low tide.

Caerfai beach

A little further away at Caer Bwdy Bay there was a much rockier beach, though at low tide you had sand to paddle (or swim) on.

Caer Bwydy Bay

I did collect some stones here.

It’s hard to see the colour but the stones on this bay are the red sort of stone they used to build St David’s Cathedral.

I kept a small piece and another stone because I liked the mixed colours.

red and other stoneAlthough I am a Rainbow Junkie, I do have a favourite colour, which is blue. So I did pick up some small blue/green-grey stones.

blue/green and grey stones

And on Thursday, I found this stone. blue stripey stoneI really wasn’t sure of bringing it home because my rucksack and suitcase were both very heavy but it was so beautiful and I thought it would make a fine paperweight.

At Caer Bwdy Bay I also decided to look for sea glass.

I had a small piece I had found as a child and kept because it was such an interesting shape.

childhood sea glass

The first piece I found this time was the biggest.

clear sea glass

I found some other small pieces.

Several standard green pieces.

green sea glass

But there were some other pieces.

all the sea glass

Some more turquoise, an olive green and, my favourite, though it is tiny, a bright blue.

Here it is with one of the more turquoise ones.

blue and turquoise green sea glass

I had hoped to find some larger pieces and am not sure how I can use these, though I just enjoy looking at them.



12 thoughts on “Beach Treasures

    1. Where were you thinking of going? Different parts of the Welsh coast have their own character. Having only lived in England since I was about three and a half, part of me always feels that Wales is ‘home’, so I have tended to visit it more often that other places.


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